Privatizing Government Travel

I have been giving some thought to the recent brouhaha about the old Speaker of the House using the Air Force for travel needs and the new Speaker of the House indicating that would not happen and that the new Speaker would be taking commercial flights like the rest of the citizens.  I am not sure how this can be safe when a potential person who may be the President of the free world would be traveling with the rest of the country in economy class.

Perhaps the privatization of the travel is in order.  We have been doing business travel for many years and have become pretty efficient with this type of travel. We can have the competition of working to be most cost effective and being the best company to provide this travel.  This takes out of the equation the excess we see with $400 hammers and $1000 toilet seats we see in the military, and creates jobs and other economic benefits for the country.

I doubt this will ever actually happen and frankly the security issues and the other things that would come out of it have not been thought about on my part.  I merely believe it would be good for the private jet industry to have this shot in the arm.  I know that this is always going to be an issue with travel by our politicians just as it was an issue with the car maker CEO’s during the buyout.  What do you think about Speaker of the House traveling around in that latest Citation X?

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