Bombardier’s Global 8000: The Fastest Business Jet in the World

Speed, comfort, and range are the trifecta of power for bizjets. And there’s a new champion across all three pillars: the Bombardier Global 8000. Set to become the world’s fastest bizjet, with speeds reaching above Mach 1, the Bombardier Global 8000 has a range of 8000nm and delivers what Bombardier promises will be the smoothest ride of any jet in its class. It’s a true marvel of engineering and one setting the stage for an even more exciting future for private aviation: supersonic jets.

Butting up against the supersonic barrier

With a Mach 0.94 cruise and top airspeeds that have broken the sound barrier during test flights, Bombardier’s Global 8000 is built for speed. In fact, it’s being hailed as the “missing link” between modern bizjets and the supersonic future: the fastest commercial jet since the Concorde. And while it’s not technically a supersonic jet, it’s almost certainly a steppingstone on the way to them when it enters service in 2025.

What makes the Global 8000 so speedy? In addition to its dual GE Passport engines, the jet features a revolutionary Smooth Flĕx Wing design that both reduces drag and improves control and agility. Unique design affords this jet a high-lift wing for low-speed agility and a high-speed wing for speed and range.


Distance is no obstacle

Bombardier’s Global 8000 is the perfect marriage of speed and distance. The jet opens a slew of new flight paths previously inaccessible to even the longest-ranged jets, including Dubai to Houston, Singapore to Los Angeles, and London to Perth. It’s the only four-zone cabin business jet with this range, making it a standalone leader in the ultra-long-range jet class.

The Global 8000 is a testament to Bombardier’s Global line of jets, which were originally designed to be the undisputed leaders in ultra-long-range travel. This jet builds on the proven success and lauded performance of its predecessor: the Global 7500. The Global 8000 adds roughly 300nm to the jet’s range, equating to roughly half a dozen more city-pair routes.


Comfort above all else

Those traveling around the world in Bombardier’s Global 8000 will find themselves with no shortage of amenities and luxuries as they fly. The jet is chock-full of accommodations that make it the best option for comfort, in addition to speed and range:

  • “Pur Air” technology with advanced HEPA filters.
  • Zero-gravity Nuage seats, a bed, and a kitchen.
  • Four-zone design: club, conference, entertainment, and living suites.
  • 4K TV, complete with Bombardier’s l’Opéra audio system.
  • Touch dial and suite controllers for sound, lighting, and temperature.
  • Circadian rhythm-based Soleil lighting, to reduce feelings of jet lag.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity from Ka-band worldwide.
  • Kitchen area, complete with microwave oven, sink, and refrigerator.

With the ability to comfortably carry 19 passengers, the Global 8000 is a testament to experiential design. The jet promises to fulfill on speed, distance, and comfort in uncompromising fashion.

The final step toward supersonics

With the finest amenities of the modern era and the ability to break the sound barrier, Bombardier’s Global 8000 is an important milestone as we move toward a supersonic future. The Global 8000 could well be the last sub-sonic ultra-long-range jet of this era. After all, it’s pushing the envelope for speed, distance, and comfort. Anything faster will need to go supersonic just to keep up.

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A Peek Inside Bombardier’s New Challenger 3500 Bizjet

Bombardier’s Challenger 3500 is an upgrade of its original 350 model, and it’s designed to compete with some of the hottest new private aircraft on the market. With plenty of creature comforts, and state-of-the-art avionics, it’s a force to be reckoned with in the midsized jet class. With its updates, upgrades, and innovations this jet is a dark horse favorite to overtake the midsize market.

Keeping current with the competition

Bombardier’s Challenger 350 made its debut in 2014. Since then, Bombardier has delivered more than 350 of these aircraft to customers around the world. Its equipped price hovers around $26.7 million. But over the last decade, new midsized jets have quickly taken up market share by offering new tech and innovation at competitive price points. The Challenger 3500 seeks to meet them on a competitive front.

The Challenger 3500 is built to compete against current market leaders, such as the Embraer Praetor 500/600 series, the Citation Longitude, and Gulfstream’s G280. Each of these jets is priced just below the $30 million threshold, which is leveling the playing field and forcing airframe makers to compete on innovation.


An expected upgrade with a wow factor

Industry analysts have predicted an upgrade to the Challenger 350 for several years, but Bombardier’s Challenger 3500 has exceeded their expectations. It boasts a myriad of novel features that instantly propel it into the thick of the competitive midsized market. Several features stand out:

  • Comfort. Zero-gravity seating is the crown jewel of Bombardier’s interior upgrades. Its patented Nuage seats tilt back to reduce pressure on the lower back, and passengers can tuck their feet under their center of gravity for a natural, relaxed position.
  • Entertainment. While sitting comfortably, passengers can access the aircraft’s complete entertainment system with voice commands linked to lights, temperature controls, and the best-in-class 24-inch 4K video display.
  • Stability. The Challenger 3500’s redesigned wings deliver a smoother ride through all phases of flight.
  • Avionics. Powered by GE Aviation’s Smart Link Plus avionics platform, the Challenger 3500 boasts a state-of-the-art cockpit that includes four display screens, synthetic vision, and a dual flight management system with localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) and required navigation performance (RNP) approach.

Bombardier has also provided the Challenger 3500 with several COVID-19-specific features, including easy-to-clean haptic controls, an advanced clean air delivery system, and antimicrobial furnishing materials.


An instant contender

The Challenger 350 is a beloved midsized model, which leaves big shoes for the 3500 to fill. And while it’s sure to attract interest from those in the market for a midsized jet, Bombardier has its eyes on a much larger market. According to business aviation analyst Rollie Vincent, “It makes a great fleet aircraft for charter and fractional: Just fill up the tanks and off you go.”

Bombardier’s Challenger 3500 is scheduled to enter service in the second half of 2022 — just in time to satisfy a growing demand for midsized charter jets. With innovations for both comfort and efficiency, the 3500 is a redesign meant to be a competition killer and a stalwart for the future.

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Bombardier Launches myMaintenance App for Smart Link Plus Users

The cost of owning a business jet goes well beyond purchase price. There are numerous upkeep and maintenance responsibilities to consider, and it can be difficult to stay on top of them all — which is why maintenance and repair operations (MRO) apps are becoming more popular.

The latest and greatest comes from Bombardier: the myMaintenance app for Smart Link Plus users. Together with its Smart Link system, Bombardier’s new app gives bizjet owners an easier way to keep up with service, so their jet remains safe and airworthy.

A look at the myMaintenance app

Jet ownership requires continuous investment in aircraft maintenance and repair. There are ongoing, scheduled, mandated, and emergency maintenance tasks required throughout the life of a jet. For most private jet owners, following a regular maintenance schedule — while also accounting for unpredictable maintenance — can be a significant challenge. The myMaintenance app, and others like it, aim to make things easier with instant status updates and notifications delivered to any mobile device.

Developed by Bombardier, the myMaintenance app is an all-in-one solution that helps jet owners stay on top of both predictable and unpredictable maintenance concerns. It allows subscribers to track, troubleshoot, and manage all aspects of service from any mobile device. Smart Link Plus hardware is installed to record all aircraft data, so flight and maintenance crews can troubleshoot issues even during flight. Crews and air traffic controllers on the ground gain access to real-time data — anytime and anywhere.

The result is greater peace of mind for jet owners. Crucial, on-demand aircraft data allows crews to make better and faster maintenance decisions. For now, myMaintenance is only available for the Global 7500 and Challenger 300/350, but wider use is expected soon.

More MRO apps on the horizon

MRO apps are poised to set the new standard for aircraft data. Apps make it easy to track the ownership history of a particular aircraft and record all its previous maintenance, repair, and upgrades. An app will make owning and maintaining jets simpler for the entire period of ownership, and when it’s time to sell, passing maintenance information on to the next owner can be done at the touch of a button. MRO apps provide a new level of transparency and certainty to buyers and sellers alike.

While Bombardier’s app may be novel right now, private aviation enthusiasts can expect to see similar competing apps in the near future. Other airframe manufacturers will be quick to capitalize on buyer demand for consolidated, well-tracked histories of jet maintenance. Syncing service records in a comprehensive digital jet profile is the next step forward in private aviation.

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Bombardier is Now a Standalone Private Aviation Company

With the sale of its transportation unit to French rail company Alstom, Bombardier is now a private aviation company. Well, it’s always been a private aviation company, but now that’s specifically what it is.

Looking to pare down debt and focus on its core business, Bombardier has set its sights on continued dominance of several segments of private aviation. Now, saddled with no small amount of debt and a clear focus ahead, Bombardier looks to take flight in an industry it knows better than any of its divested segments.

A clear predicament to overcome

With the sale to Alstom, Bombardier is looking to make a dent in its debt. This sale netted the company over $3.6 billion in profit, but still leaves them with over $4.7 billion in debt. At the same time, it completes the company’s transition to a pure-play business aviation company. The move is best summed up by Bombardier president and CEO Eric Martel:

“With this transaction now complete, Bombardier begins an exciting new chapter focused exclusively on designing, building, and servicing the world’s best business jets”

What does this mean for the future of business aviation?

As the world begins to see light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the global pandemic, Bombardier and other private aviation companies are looking to the future. Business travel is expected to rebound in the last half of 2021, signaling that the need for jets could surpass pre-pandemic levels. If this turns out to be the case, demand for business jets will be strong.

Perhaps the biggest lesson to take from the pandemic is to expect the unexpected. If the business jet market takes a turn for the worse, Bombardier will have to make serious adjustments to their new business strategy. Canadian taxpayers are tired of bailing the company out, forcing the company to rethink their model or rely on hedge fund investors to help them get through lean times.

The business jet industry tends to be cyclical, though, so there’s a good chance Bombardier could see strong sales and outperform others in the industry during upcycles. As a leader in ultra-long-range jets and other business jet segments, Bombardier already has a great reputation to fall back on. An upswing in the market is really what’s needed to help it erase the red on its balance sheet.

Pure play in pursuit of profits

Strong sales would help Bombardier shed its massive debt. The major bright spot in Bombardier’s portfolio is the Global 7500 and other next-gen jets. There’s a clear demand for these jets, in particular the Global 7500 — the industry’s largest and longest-range business jet. The quicker Bombardier is able to make good on deliveries of these jets, the easier it will be to emerge from debt.

In addition, thanks to the sale of Bombardier’s other transportation holdings, they’ve been able to significantly reduce their debt. But there’s still quite a way to go until this aviation giant is back in the black. Its recent pure-play shift suggests a bet on the end of the pandemic. Only time will tell if it pays off.

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Here’s Why the Learjet 75 Liberty is a Heavyweight in the Light Jet Segment

Learjet has long been one of the most reputable and on-demand names for light private aircraft. The Learjet 75, originally released in 2013, has commanded significant market share over the past few years. Now, the next iteration of this popular jet is soon to take the skies: the Learjet 75 Liberty. Not only is it expected to meet the lofty precedent set by its forerunners, it’s also set to disrupt the entire light jet segment in the way only a Learjet can.


A storied past

Ask anyone remotely familiar with the world of private aircraft, and you’ll inevitably hear them refer to Learjet with a sense of awe in their voice. First established in 1962 by developer William Powell Lear, the company immediately turned the world of light aircraft on its head with the Learjet 23. The state-of-the-art private jet was gorgeous, fast, and even cost-effective.

Over the decades, the technicians at Learjet, and their eventual parent company Bombardier, have continued to redefine what’s possible in flight, from the cockpit to the belly. Even as the market has continued to see more impressive competition year after year, Learjet has retained its place of honor. With the release of the Learjet 75, the venerable plane designer is poised to further entrench its position at the front of the field.

Source: Chad Slattery

Introducing the 75 Liberty

The Learjet 75 Liberty is built on the bones of Learjet’s previous 75 model; however, the Liberty has been redesigned from the ground up to improve the flight experience. If anything, the “Liberty” title refers to the extraordinary amount of space onboard.

At 19 feet long, the Learjet 75 is two feet longer than the competition. Learjet has made the most of the extra space by introducing its two-seat Executive Suite, a sealed-off area between the cockpit and main lounge. Two individual chairs offer three feet of legroom and matching fold-out tables. It’s a perfect space for executives on the go.

The Learjet 75 Liberty has opted to remove some of the seating, cutting the available number down to 6 (two in the Executive Suite and four in the main cabin). It’s also removed bulky items like auxiliary power and a lavatory sink (both of which can be re-added as options).

Best of all, the Learjet 75 Liberty has one of the fastest top speeds in its class at Mach .81. What’s more, even the most notable competition can’t compete with the Liberty’s superior range of more than 2,000 nautical miles.

Making revolutionary waves

As it prepares to enter the market, the Learjet 75 Liberty is poised as something of an oddity. That is, while it’s classified as a light jet, the enormous range and immense space make the Liberty seem almost more like a mid-size aircraft. Add to that the Liberty’s extremely appealing $10 million price tag, and it would seem as though one of the most revered designers in the aviation industry is ready to retake the throne. The Learjet 75 Liberty releases later this year, with much anticipation behind it.

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Will Bombardier Sell its BizAv Unit in 2020? Not So Fast.

With the likes of its Learjet, Challenger, and Global business jet lines, Bombardier is one of the top players in BizAv. Bombardier has been a staple manufacturer for more than 50 years, which is why recent rumors of its potential exit from the industry were so shocking. But Bombardier silenced those rumors by announcing a strategic shift to focus on business aviation and accelerate efforts to sell its rail business to reduce its debt burden. What does this mean for Bombardier long term?

A new chapter

It’s no secret that Bombardier has been struggling. The company is well over $9 billion in debt, and their stock has fallen 32% in 2020 alone. Sources indicate that the transportation company considered selling off both rail and business aviation assets.

A news release from the company on Jan. 19 stated, “We are actively pursuing alternatives that would allow us to accelerate our debt paydown. The objective is to position the business for long-term success with greater operating and financial flexibility.”

In recent news, however, Bombardier announced a strategic shift toward its business aviation sector with a proposed sale of its rail business, marking a new chapter and a path forward for the company.

Bombardier President and CEO Alain Bellemare has been quoted saying, “Going forward, we will focus all our capital, energy, and resources on accelerating growth and driving margin expansion in our market-leading $7 billion business aircraft franchise. With a stronger balance sheet after the completion of this transaction, an industry-leading portfolio of products, a strong backlog, and a rapidly growing after market business, we will compete in this market from a position of strength.”

The business jet aviation market is poised for growth. Recent forecasts suggest the market will grow from an estimated $24.7 billion in 2019 to $36.4 billion by 2030, which could mean a significant strategic win for Bombardier.

Proposed sale of rail business to Alstom

Bombardier’s proposed sale of the rail business to Alstom, a French multinational company, operating in rail markets worldwide, would mean a significant financial upswing for Bombardier that could help the company address its debt paydown imperative. In fact, the sale would generate an estimated net proceeds of $4.2 billion to $4.5 billion, including $550 million in Alstom shares. The deal is set to close in the first half of 2021, assuming it is able to gain final stakeholder and regulatory approvals.

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Bombardier Introduces New Global 5500, 6500, and 7500

Bombardier has long been a leader in the private aircraft industry. For 50 years, the company has offered elite and innovative designs, ultimately creating one of the most comprehensive fleets in the industry. 2018 appears to be no different. In fact, Bombardier is celebrating the introduction of its three newest members: The Global 5500, 6500, and 7500. Each brings with it exclusive luxuries and top-notch technology.


Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect with each new jet.

  • Global 5500 — As the company announced in late spring of this year, Bombardier anticipates the Global 5500 to enter service in late 2019. Featuring brand-new Rolls-Royce Pearl engines, the jet boasts top-notch fuel efficiency and, in turn, a reduced environmental footprint. Promising to continue the Global’s reputation for a smooth ride and long range, the 5500 features the next-generation Global wings and has a range of up to 5,700 nautical miles, up from the 5,200-nautical–mile range of the Global 5000. The Vision Flight Deck boasts the first business aviation application of a combined vision system, integrating infrared and synthetic vision. As for the passenger experience, Bombardier has integrated cutting-edge technology, including the first 4K-enabled cabin and Ka-band technology, connecting passengers fast and keeping them in touch no matter where they are.
  • Global 6500 — Similar to the 5500 in many respects, the Global 6500 promises many of the features you would expect from a Global jet, including the same patented Nuage seats and 100% fresh air as the Global 5500. Additionally, the 6500 will also boast an increased range, with a reach of 6,600 nautical miles. It will have the ability to connect London to Hong Kong and is the farthest-reaching jet in its class. In addition to sharing the new safety, comfort, and efficiency technology of the 5500, the Global 6500 includes many added comforts. The new jet will have the widest cabin in its class, offer the first en-suite standing shower, and come fully equipped with new cabinets and appliances in the deluxe kitchen.
  • Global 7500 — Unlike the 5500 and 6500, which should enter into service in the latter part of 2019, the Global 7500 is making its way into the market this year. The largest and longest-range in the world, this model is a rebranding of the 7000, which debuted in November 2016. Bombardier announced this change after the jet’s flight tests revealed an unprecedented range of 8,861 miles, according to the Robb Report article. The 7500 will be the first jet with Bombardier’s much-anticipated Nuage seats and comes in a variety of floor plans and features four separate living spaces. Bombardier plans to begin delivery of the 7500s later this year, following FAA certification, and the Bombardier completion center in Montreal received delivery of the first customer-owned 7500 in June.

Bombardier has always been a reliable provider of cutting-edge private and business jets, and this year’s additions are no different. If you are in the market, these new aircraft models promise to be tops of their classes, and your options don’t end there. Bombardier jets include excellent options for every traveler and, with their history of quality, if you can’t wait for the release of these newest models, a preowned Bombardier could be a strong option for your next business or private jet.

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Bombardier Business Jet Highlights

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A stalwart in the industry for more than 50 years, Bombardier Business Aircraft has one of the most comprehensive lines of jets in the industry. Its three aircraft families — Learjet, Challenger, and Global — can address the needs of customers as their travel requirements change along with their businesses. With a good start to the year and the anticipated delivery of the Global 7000 following shortly, 2018 looks to be an exciting year for Bombardier.

A good start

If the rest of 2018 is like the first quarter, business aviation insiders can expect Bombardier to have a banner year. First-quarter revenues reached $1.11 billion, a 9% increase year-over-year, and deliveries were up two jets at 31. Bombardier projects 135 deliveries in 2018, and the first deliveries of its Global 7000, sold out through 2021, will add to its already-large portfolio. The timing couldn’t be better as analysts expect the business aviation industry to continue its long-awaited turnaround.

The Bombardier family

The Challenger 350 was among the best-selling business jets in the first quarter of 2018. In addition, it was the top-selling business jet in 2017, according to General Aviation Manufacturers Association data, with 56 deliveries. In the first quarter of this year, Bombardier delivered 12 of the super-midsize jets. The Challenger 350’s popularity is a testament to the exceptional flight experience its roomy cabin, advanced cabin management system, in-flight luggage compartment access, as well as excellent connectivity and communications solutions provide. The aircraft has a range of 3,200 nautical miles, is NextGen-ready, and has the lowest operating costs in its class.

Bombardier’s flagship Global 5000 and 6000 were also top sellers with 10 deliveries combined in the first quarter of 2018. The Global series of large-cabin ultra-long-range jets is known for its comfort and style while providing the latest in business productivity tools and technologies. The Global 5000 seats up to 16 passengers and has a 5,200-nautical-mile range; the Global 6000 seats up to 17 and has a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

Global 7000: The next great business jet

The Global Series will soon have another aircraft in its lineup: the Global 7000. The 7000 made its debut flight in November 2016, and the five flight test aircraft in the fleet have since accrued more than 1,800 flight hours. Certification is expected later this year with the first delivery shortly thereafter, making the 7000 Bombardier’s flagship business jet. It has a range of 7,400 nautical miles and can see speeds up to Mach 0.925; however, as its flight tests have shown, it has the capability to hit the 7,700-nautical-mile mark at Mach 0.85, positioning it to claim the long-range business jet title and opening up “city pairs such as New York to Hong Kong and Singapore to San Francisco,” according to the BJT article.

Whether you’re looking to buy a quality preowned Challenger or are in the market for state-of-the-art technology and comfort in the new Global 7000, you shouldn’t undertake the process of finding and financing a new aircraft on your own. Get help from an expert to find the best option for your needs.

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Latest Luxuries to Pre-Owned Powerhouses: Many Business Jet Options Are on the Horizon

There’s a lot going on in the private and business aviation industry: Many soon-to-be-released luxury jets are about to enter the market, pre-owned jet prices are stabilizing, and the ADS-B mandate deadline looms. Here’s an overview of what’s happening and what it means for those trying to decide whether to purchase new aircraft, go with pre-owned models, or upgrade their current jets.

New models

Quite a lot of buzz surrounds new luxury jet models coming soon to market. Here’s a taste of what’s on the horizon for those looking to purchase a new high-end aircraft:

Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Source: Boeing
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner — If you demand nothing less than the height of luxury, the VVIP Dreamliner might be the next jet for you. With the ability to fly nonstop for more than 17 hours, this model provides flyers plenty of time to enjoy its more than 2,400 square feet of cabin space with heated marble floors, a king-size bed, walk-in closet, and full-size shower. If you want to test it out before buying, you can charter this penthouse in the sky for you and 39 of your closest friends for a mere $70,000 per hour.

    Embraer Legacy 500 – Source:
  • Embraer Legacy 500 and 450 — Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer’s Legacy 500 and its slightly shorter sister, the Legacy 450, are some of the fastest jets in the midsize and “mid light” aircraft categories, delivering a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.79 to 0.82, respectively. They are some of only under-$50 million jets that feature full fly-by-wire flight controls. The Legacy 450, with a range of 1,300 nautical miles (nm), has a cabin four feet shorter than the 500, which has a 3,000-nautical-mile range. Both feature superb passenger comfort, low turbulence, and low noise levels.

    Gulfstream G500 – Source: Wikipedia
  • Gulfstream G500 — Gulfstream’s long-range, large-cabin business jet is scheduled to enter into service in 2019. Its Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814GA engines reduce fuel consumption as well as cut emissions and noise. It sports 27-inch-wide seats with footrests for extra comfortable rides for as many as 19 passengers and includes a large, fully equipped galley. The G500 has a range of 5,200 nm and offers a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and entertainment system as well as full digital fly-by-wire flight controls.

    Pilatus PC-24 – Source: Wikipedia
  • Pilatus PC-24 — The PC-24 super versatile jet is the first business jet from Swiss manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft. The 10-passenger aircraft, for which deliveries began in January 2018, has a list price of just under $9 million. Its large aft door can handle standard cargo pallets, it flies as fast as 440 knots, and the PC-24 can fly six passengers 1,800 nm. Buyers can even choose among seven cabin layouts for this area that offer more overall space than its more expensive competitors. In addition, the light jet can use grass, gravel, or dirt runways as well as runways less than 2,700 feet, according to the Barron’s article.

Changes in the pre-owned market

Buyers who are not ready to go all-in on a new jet might want to take a look at the pre-owned market while they still can. Although the pre-owned Gulfstream market has been struggling over the past several years, according to an AINOnline article, an increase in pre-owned sales, decreasing inventories, and stabilizing prices have contributed to its ongoing recovery. For example, less than 4% of Gulfstream G650 and G550 fleets are for sale, which is extremely low compared to recent years.

Inventories for older Gulfstream models, however, such as the GIV-SP and G-V, are still high. In addition, values for the G550, which had been dropping nearly 20% per year for three years, have leveled off. Plus, new tax rules that allow for 100% depreciation during the first year for both new and pre-owned jets will likely boost sales in both categories in the coming year.

For those who plan to acquire a pre-owned aircraft, keep in mind the ADS-B mandate, which requires all aircraft be updated by January 2020. ADS-B Out equipment can be expensive, and slots for performing the upgrades are filling up fast. You don’t want your pre-owned new-to-you jet to lose its value or end up in the scrap heap because of your failure to comply.

Buying a jet, whether the latest model or a pre-owned model, can be a daunting, time-consuming process. To make the best of your next jet purchase, seek out an expert who understands the markets and can help you get the aircraft for your needs at the right price.

The expert jet brokers at L & L International are here to help you acquire the perfect jet.

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Jet Spotlight: Bombardier Challenger Series

Bombardier has recently reported double milestones for its Challenger business jet series. Bombardier introduced the super-midsize Challenger 350 into service in June 2014 and has now hit 200-plus deliveries, making the Challenger 300 series the most-delivered business jet series within the past 10 years. In addition, the company’s large-cabin 650 model first released in 2015 surpassed 50 deliveries, making it the best-selling large jet of its category in history, according to Bombardier, with more than 1,100 Challenger 600 models delivered.

These milestones are a tribute to the newest Challenger models’ unequaled capabilities, according to Bombardier Business Aircraft Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Peter Likoray. According to the AIN Online article, he said, “No competitor comes close to the comfort and connectivity of the Challenger’s cabin, nor to their class-leading economics and dependable performance in operation.”

The Challengers

The Challenger 350 boasts a range of 3,200 nautical miles. It is NextGen-ready with a well-equipped cockpit, plus its direct operating costs are the lowest and connectivity is the best of any jet in its category. The 650 model also offers the lowest direct operating costs for a large aircraft. It offers a 4,000 nautical mile range, Ka-band connectivity, and larger seats along with the ability for passengers to move around the cabin freely. Both aircraft are at the top of their classes in performance and comfort, and either is a winning choice depending on your needs and desires.

Pre-owned options

If you’re thinking of acquiring a pre-owned Challenger, several models are available.

Challenger 605 — This is the fifth jet Bombardier released in the 600 series. It seats eight with a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles. Upon its release, no other business jet of its size offered a better mix of cost-effectiveness and comfort. It provides unparalleled dispatch reliability and everyday utility. It is more space-efficient than the earlier 604 model with more cabin area for passengers. The Challenger series has captured a lot of operator loyalty: They cite its cabin comfort, range, and low operating cost as reasons for purchasing — and keeping — their Challengers.

Challenger 300 — Much like the Challenger 350, this super-midsize jet in the 300 series offers the comfort and spaciousness typically found only in large-cabin jets. It has superior runway performance and a range of 3,000 nautical miles. The 300 seats eight to nine passengers, depending on cabin configuration, and offers a heated baggage compartment accessible from the cabin. It provides similar comfort to Bombardier’s Gulfstream 550 — at only 65% of the G550’s operating costs.

Challenger 604 — Like the Challenger 350 and 605 models, the 604 model has a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles. In addition, its maximum cruise speed is Mach 0.82, and it offered the widest cabin of any business jet upon release. Its overall comfort, performance, dependability, and value make it the best-selling jet in its class.

There are many reasons why Challenger 300 and 600 series business jets are so popular with those in the private and business aviation industry. Whether you buy new or go with a proven pre-owned model, these jets promise to deliver.

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