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Aircraft Industry News:

Welcome to the Golden Age of Super-Midsized Jets

Much like the shift to SUVs in the automotive industry, super-midsized jets are quickly rising to prominence within private aviation. These jets are sleeker, more efficient, and more luxurious than other models, offering the perfect mix of style and practicality for...

Consolidation Is Changing the Future of Private Jetliners

As an industry grows and evolves, consolidation becomes inevitable. Mergers and acquisitions are the way strong players get stronger and rising stars find success. It’s also a way to weed out inefficiency. In fragmented markets such as private aviation, consolidation...

BizAv Enters 2019 Strong and Trending Upward

2018 was a rocky year for investments across different asset classes. Real estate coasted to highs across the nation, while the stock market rode a roller coaster through the end of the year. One type of investment soared high and stayed high, however: private jets....

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