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As an industry leader in corporate jet sales and services, the professionals at L&L International Ltd. are the experts you need when you are looking for private jets for sale or are trying to sell an aircraft.

Our expertly trained and experienced aviation brokers are known throughout the industry for providing top-notch service and attention to detail to our clients. Buying or selling a private jet doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal. With L&L International, the process of buying or selling a private jet or other airplane has been simplified by our expertise, diligence, personalized service, financial strength, and resourcefulness.

Over the past decade, we have built a global network of private jet buyers, sellers, and brokers, and have the experience to manage the entire process for you, including listing your aircraft for sale. This experience, coupled with our tailored approach to each of our client’s needs, makes L&L International the best choice when it comes to finding private jets and aircrafts for sale.

Aircraft for Sale

2010 Bombardier Challenger 605

2010 Bombardier Challenger 605

  • 1520 Total Time
  • 12 Pax Interior
  • Engines on GE On Point
  • SmartParts Preferred on Airframe
  • 96 month c/w at BAS Singapore
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Gulfstream G-IVSP N104AD s/n 1406

2000 Gulfstream G-IVSP

  • 6615 Total Time
  • FANS 1/A and ADS-Bv2 c/w
  • Engines enrolled on RRCC
  • Avionics enrolled on HAPP
  • GOGO Internet
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Bombardier Global Express

2000 Bombardier Global Express

  • 240 Month Inspection in process at Flying Colours
  • 8,470 Total Time | 3,050 Landings
  • 2018 Paint and Interior completed by Flying Colours
  • 9 Pax Floor Plan with additional 2 Place Divan (11 Pax)
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2000 Bombardier Challenger 850

2000 Bombardier Challenger 850

  • Total Time 5,760
  • 2014 Paint and Interior
  • L5 Avance WIFI
  • ADS-B v2
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1998 Gulfstream G-V

  • 8,650 Total Time
  • Engines enrolled on RRCC
  • APU enrolled on MSP
  • FANS1/A and ADS-B v2 c/w
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1993 Citation VI

1993 Citation VI

  • 6,870 Total Time
  • Engines enrolled on MSP Gold
  • 2018 Paint
  • Updated Soft Goods
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Recent Transactions:

Date Status Make Model Serial Number
Oct-19 Acquired Challenger 605 5816
Aug-19 Acquired Global XRS 9165
Jul-19 Sold Challenger 605 5862
Jun-19 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5464
Jun-19 Sold Gulfstream G200 203
May-19 Sold Challenger 605 5371
Feb-19 Sold Hawker 800XP 258448
Jan-19 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5345
Aug-19 Acquired Global XRS 9165
Jul-19 Sold Challenger 605 5862
Jun-19 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5464
Jun-19 Sold Gulfstream G200 203
May-19 Sold Challenger 605 5371
Feb-19 Sold Hawker 800XP 258448
Jan-19 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5345
Dec-18 Sold Challenger 605 5754
Dec-18 Sold Hawker 400XP 504
Dec-18 Sold Gulfstream GIV 1072
Oct-18 Sold Challenger 605 5826
Oct-18 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5288
Oct-18 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5290
Oct-18 Sold Gulfstream GIII 415
Sep-18 Sold Challenger 605 5708
Aug-18 Sold Hawker 800A 258104
Jul-18 Sold Challenger 605 5814
Jun-18 Acquired Gulfstream GV 642
Jun-18 Sold Gulfstream GIV-SP 1304
Apr-18 Acquired Gulfstream G200 203
Mar-18 Acquired Gulfstream GV 615
Feb-18 Sold Gulfstream GV 600
Jan-18 Sold Hawker 700 257020
Dec-17 Acquired Challenger 350 20505
Dec-17 Acquired Gulfstream G200 84
Nov-17 Acquired Gulfstream G200 111
Sept-17 Sold Challenger 605 5767
Sept-17 Sold Gulfstream G550 5110
Aug-17 Acquired Gulfstream GIV-SP 1466
Aug-17 Sold Gulfstream G200 54
Aug-17 Sold Falcon 50 70
Aug-17 Acquired Hawker 900XP HA-0057
Aug-17 Acquired Gulfstream G280 2013
Jan-17 Sold Hawker 800XP 258531
Dec-16 Sold Hawker 800XP 258404
Jul-16 Acquired Challenger 605 5743
Apr-16 Sold Gulfstream G550 5114
Feb-16 Acquired Hawker 900XP HA-0032
Feb-16 Sold Hawker 800XP 258583
Feb-16 Acquired Hawker 800XP 258448
Aug-15 Sold Lear 45 87
Jul-15 Sold Falcon 2000 163
Jun-15 Acquired Challenger 300 20206
Apr-15 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5183
Jan-15 Acquired Falcon 900 155
Jan-15 Sold Gulfstream GIV-SP 1379
Jan-15 Sold Gulfstream GV 674
Jan-15 Sold Hawker 800A 258221
Dec-14 Sold Challenger 605 5826
Dec-14 Acquired Falcon 2000 111
Dec-14 Sold Gulfstream GIII 300
Jul-14 Sold Challenger 601-3A 5043
Jul-14 Acquired Challenger 604 5562
Jul-14 Sold Embraer Legacy 600 14500944
Jun-14 Acquired Challenger 300 20137
Apr-14 Sold Challenger 850 7176
Feb-14 Sold Hawker 900XP HA-0112
Dec-13 Sold Challenger 601-3AER 5134
Dec-13 Sold Hawker 1000A 259005
Nov-13 Acquired Embraer Phenom 100 50000006
Sep-13 Acquired Gulfstream GV 597
Aug-13 Acquired Falcon 2000LX 236
Aug-13 Sold Gulfstream GIV 1025
Aug-13 Acquired Gulfstream GV 541
Jul-13 Sold Gulfstream G550 5311
May-13 Acquired Bombardier Global 5000 9457
May-13 Sold Challenger 300 20126
Mar-13 Acquired Gulfstream G200 54
Jan-13 Sold Gulfstream G200 158
Jan-13 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5114
Dec-12 Sold Gulfstream GV 646
Dec-12 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5299
Sep-12 Acquired Gulfstream GIV-SP 1304
May-12 Acquired Gulfstream GIV 1012
May-12 Sold Gulfstream GIV 1152
May-12 Acquired Gulfstream G450 4208
Jan-12 Sold Gulfstream G550 5082
Dec-11 Acquired Gulfstream G200 158
Sep-11 Acquired Gulfstream GII 248
Sep-11 Acquired Gulfstream GIII 397
Sep-11 Sold Gulfstream G550 5012
Sep-11 Acquired Hawker 800XP 258583
Jul-11 Acquired Gulfstream GIV-SP 1379
May-11 Acquired Challenger 601-3AER 5134
Aug-10 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5151
May-10 Acquired Gulfstream G450 4123
Dec-09 Sold Challenger 600 1043
Dec-09 Acquired Gulfstream GIII 397
Aug-09 Sold Falcon 900 43
Aug-09 Acquired Gulfstream GV 682
Jun-09 Sold Gulfstream GII 85
Nov-08 Sold Gulfstream GIV-SP 1212
Nov-08 Sold Gulfstream GV 554
Aug-08 Acquired BBJ BBJ 1 30884
Aug-08 Acquired Gulfstream G450 4092
Jul-08 Sold Gulfstream GV 554
Jun-08 Sold Gulfstream G450 4004
May-08 Sold Citation VII 650-7070
May-08 Acquired Gulfstream GIV-SP 1212
Apr-08 Sold Gulfstream GIV 1046
Jan-08 Sold Gulfstream G200 51
Jan-08 Sold Hawker 800XP 258662
Dec-07 Acquired Bombardier Global 5000 9154
Dec-07 Sold Gulfstream GV 506
Nov-07 Sold BBJ BBJ 1 30751
Oct-07 Acquired Challenger 604 5602
Oct-07 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5012
Aug-07 Acquired Hawker 800A 258140
Jun-07 Acquired Gulfstream GIII 335
May-07 Sold Gulfstream GIV-SP 1245
May-07 Sold Hawker 400XP RK-388
Jan-07 Acquired Gulfstream G550 5012
Dec-06 Sold Bombardier Global Express 9102
Dec-06 Sold Challenger 604 5502
Dec-06 Acquired Hawker 800XP 258369
Nov-06 Acquired Hawker 800A 258221
Oct-06 Sold Gulfstream GIII 447
Oct-06 Acquired Gulfstream GIV 1179
Oct-06 Sold Lear 35A 477
Sep-06 Acquired BBJ BBJ 1 30751
Jul-06 Acquired Hawker 800A 258150
May-06 Sold Challenger 600 1069
May-06 Sold Gulfstream GV 554
Apr-06 Acquired Gulfstream G200 51
Dec-05 Acquired Gulfstream GIV-SP 1245
Nov-05 Sold Citation Excel 560-5108
Oct-05 Sold Gulfstream GIV 1135
Aug-05 Acquired Gulfstream GV 554
Jul-05 Sold Gulfstream GIII 440
Jun-05 Acquired Gulfstream GIV-SP 1406
Jun-05 Acquired Gulfstream G200 22
May-05 Acquired Gulfstream GIII 447
Oct-03 Acquired Hawker 800A 258232
Jun-03 Sold Hawker 600A 256053