Increasing Your Private Jet Resale Value

There is a man down the street from my house that has the best looking garage in the neighborhood.  He has one of those special floors that is painted with that special speckled paint and inside that garage is a couple of the family cars.  Those cars are the best kept cars I have ever seen.  The are always washed, always clean inside, and I got a peak under the hood a few times when speaking to him and the engines look like the day they came off the showroom floor.  Those vehicles are the pride and joy of their owner and they would be the best vehicle to buy no matter their age.  The point of the story is your private jet can also be the best buy no matter their age if you maintain them like my neighbor does his vehicles.

There are plenty of maintained private jets on the market.  They have been kept up to date with all of the minimum requirements under the regulations.  They never go above what the regulations require but they have been “maintained”.  The business aircraft or the private jet that has been cared for properly will be the best aircraft on the market and will carry the best value.  Meeting just the minimum requirements will keep your records up to date and will pass any inspection, but give me the private jet that has been cared for like the neighbor down the street.  The aircraft that is always cleaned and polished, the one that has all the best of equipment that can be installed, all records of maintenance and well kept records as well as damage and repairs.  All of this well done and well maintained principles make these aircraft carry their value and exceed most baseline values of other aircraft.  Make sure you care for your aircraft and it will care for you when it comes to time to sell.  Which business aircraft or private jet would you put at the top of your list?

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