The Latest Cabin Designs on the Runway

Let’s be honest. Much of owning and operating a private jet can be time-consuming, tedious and, at times, stressful. With the convenience of flying privately and the resulting boost in productivity comes the responsibility of staying abreast of safety regulations, tracking and justifying costs, and overseeing myriad other complex details.

Still, it’s not all work and no play. One of the more pleasurable — and trendy — aspects of owning a private jet is outfitting the interior cabin to reflect the passengers’ tastes and the plane’s intended use.

Case in point: Steve Jobs. When Apple awarded him a private plane in 2000, the innovative CEO took a personal approach and spent more than a year customizing the aircraft’s interior, right down to the brushed nickel buttons.

Perhaps you’ll find your own inspiration from some of the most recent design trends:

  • The explosive growth of the Asian aviation market has made onboard Feng Shui the latest rage. Designers install rotating furniture that converts into square or round shapes — functional for meetings or mahjong match-ups. For even more in-flight entertainment, add a karaoke machine.
  • Beige and boring is out. Rounded corners, enhancement of natural light, and art deco fixtures are adorning the latest jet interiors.
  • A design mock-up provided to BAE Systems for its Avro jets resembles something out of The Jetsons. A cargo door opens onto a patio area with a bar for relaxing and entertaining — on the ground, of course.
  • Live ferns planted into an interior wall provide a natural, allergy-free wall covering. The plants are fed by a unique irrigation system, and natural light is directed from outside the cabin to keep them healthy.

Even if the design inspiration for your plane’s interior comes from more understated examples than these, take time to think through the look and feel of your plane’s cabin. After all, you’ll spend a fair amount of time inside your jet; you’ll want to enjoy it while you’re there.

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