Business Jet: Symbol of Success

At the upcoming NBAA convention in Orlando, Fla., Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Nexa will present its fourth and final installment in a study commissioned by the NBAA. These Business Aviation User Studies evaluate the success of businesses that use business aircraft and those that do not.

You can read the first three installments here:

  • Part 4: Coming soon

So what do expect from this fourth installment? Nexa examined businesses and their performances throughout the recession.

“My expectation is that the companies that have survived and in some cases thrived during the downturn will probably be those that realize that [the business jet] was a critical tool in their tool chest and they used it wisely,” NBAA President Ed Bolen told AIN.

In Part 2, the researchers made three observations about companies that use business jets:

  • They performed better financially.
  • They weathered the Great Recession better.
  • They had better access to customers and markets.

Tell us what you think. Justify your jet, and be proud of it!

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