The Perfect Watch

November is National Aviation History Month! Celebrate by treating yourself or an aviation-loving friend to a truly timeless gift: A Bremont Supermarine watch.

The Supermarine’s sleek-yet-rugged design offers everything you need to celebrate just how far aviation technology has come. Like all of Bremont’s luxurious timepieces, this watch is made for pilots and jetsetters alike. Its precise, rigorously tested chronometer is encased in an anti-magnetic Faraday cage, and a sapphire bezel makes reading the face possible even in low-light conditions. Depending on the model, the Supermarine is water resistant up to 6,150 feet. The price starts at $5,150.

Whether you’re scaling Everest, diving off the coast of Australia, or attending a board meeting, the Supermarine is the perfect companion.

Happy National Aviation History Month!

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