In-Flight Entertainment: Take Your Trip to the Next Level

Sure, flight logs, regular maintenance, jet fuel, and an excellent pilot are important aspects of jet travel. Nobody wants to merely sit on the runway — you want to actually go somewhere. So we get it. The mechanics and practical details are essential.

But let’s move on. In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) is really where it’s at. This is what your guests are going to be talking about — how the movie played simultaneously on four different screens. Or how the bass was bumpin’ from the Bose surround sound. Or how the client played Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3 the entire trip.

A great IFE system will take your private jet experience to another level. It’s important, which is why we covered some basics in our newsletter a few months ago. And now our friends at BlueSky Business Aviation News just wrote a piece that reviews some advances in IFE. No matter the size of your aircraft, there’s an innovative, customizable IFE solution for you.

The options are nearly unlimited:  On-board Ethernet, Blu-Ray player, game systems, satellite radio. Tell us — what’s the one thing your aircraft has to have?

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