Celebrities and Private Jets

What did you get your dad for Father’s Day? “Kiss the cook” BBQ apron? Car detail? Heartfelt framed photo? Jay-Z, who has been a father for six months, received a private jet from his wife Beyonce Knowles.

In a more philanthropic note, actor Tom Cruise offered his Gulfstream V to a man working on the set of his new movie Oblivion. A support worker, David, was crushed by a 700-pound weight on set in May, and Cruise quickly ordered his jet to transport David to spinal specialist. David is now undergoing therapy after spending four days in intensive care in Baton Rouge, La.

After Facebook’s IPO last month, Russian investor Alisher Usmanov sold $1.4 billion in Facebook stock. While not necessarily an international celebrity, Usmanov is certainly wealthy. His personal fortune is valued at $15.8 billion; he’s the 34th richest person in the world. Usmanov is now the proud owner of an Airbus A340, the largest private jet in Russia and possibly Europe. If he decks it out in a fashion similar to his $100 million yacht, which includes a swimming pool and cabins for 20, he could end up spending about $500 million. That’s some jet.

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