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Research – Buying A Private Jet

I was reading recently about the trials and tribulations of a the Embraer Legacy 600 that was manufactured in South America, had a mid-air collision with another jet and had to be refurbished in a sense.  The jet was reported to be recovered and repaired:

The Legacy 600–now registered as N965LL–was recovered by a mobile repair team from Cleveland-based Constant Aviation, which was hired by the new owners of the Legacy to recover and repair the jet.

This is an extraordinary story about a jet that will be owned by someone and used as a private or business aircraft, but it also brings to mind man questions in my mind.  The idea that this damage has occurred to this aircraft makes me wonder what other aircraft had endured over their lifetime.  I think it is imperative that when purchasing an aircraft that each potential owner has a clear picture of the maintenance of the aircraft and the repairs that have been made.  Not every aircraft has has had the type of history that this Embraer Legacy 600 has had, but it is important to learn about a jet’s history.  It is important that you use a company that is trusted in the industry.  Some of the repairs that this jet endured were reported:

The Legacy had a damaged left elevator and the left wing was missing its winglet. “Some structural repairs had to be done to get it in a position to where we could fly it,” Maiden said, “even on a ferry permit.” This included replacing the horizontal stabilizer before the Legacy left the airbase.

The humid jungle environment in Brazil was not kind to the airplane, which sat outside for a year-and-a-half after the accident, and all of its Honeywell avionics displays had to be replaced, he said. The fuel tanks were clean and the Rolls-Royce AE3007 engines had been preserved–although they hadn’t been run, they were in good shape. “We did extensive boroscoping and testing to verify the validity of the engines,” he said. The airframe was also free of corrosion. “We had a team of 10 people,” he said, “and we spent three weeks doing testing and analyzing all the systems to make sure it was a safe airplane to put back in the air.”

Not every private aircraft has a story of this one but each previously owned aircraft has a history.  Make sure you work with a company that can help you learn about that history, make informed decisions, and of course buyer beware.  L&L International has been doing business in this area for a number of years and they can assist you in every facet of your research and can guide your buying process.

2 Great Reasons To Use A Private Aircraft

As a company that buys corporate jets, sells corporate jets or overall is just interested in the business of corporate jets, it is not going to come to anyone’s surprise that we thing people should be taking a private jet on any trip or travel that they can.  We wold love to see nothing more than to see a jet in every hangar (I wonder if that will ever be in a political speech?).  For us to tell people why they would like to own a private or corporate jet carries with it the stigma that we have an ulterior motive.  The way around that is to take a few reasons for traveling via corporate or private jet from the people that actually use that mode of transportation.  Business Jet Traveler recently posted an article on why some travelers take private jets on trips.  I think these are some great testimonials as to why business travel could be best served on a private or corporate jet.

I was especially warmed to the idea that Arnold Palmer wanted to use a private aircraft for family reasons:

“I couldn’t have done many of the things I did without a business airplane. It afforded me the opportunity to be home with my family and at the same time accomplish the things I had to do to make my business and career successful. Whether you fly your own or hire a crew, a business jet far outperforms any other mode of transportation.” ~ golf legend Arnold Palmer

Obviously, he had the ability to travel quite a bit in his career and being able to make your own schedule that allowed him to spend time with his family was a crucial reason for the investment.  Not having to adhere to commercial schedules and their mandated times of departure and arrival was a big component of why it was a good way for Mr. Palmer to travel. Having just spend much of the month of October and last week in an airport, I would love to have made my own hours and made the schedule I needed that worked best for me.

I may have talked about this in a previous post but it bears repeating.  Being someone that needs to be somewhere important at a specific date and time is crucial to success.  F. Lee Bailey put it in better words when he said:

“The productivity of the people at the top determines how many jobs there are for people not at the top. And when a guy misses an important sales meeting because Delta Air Lines had a mechanical [problem] at Kennedy and it reverberated across the system and he winds up in Chicago in a fleabag hotel while the meeting’s going on in Tucson, the [corporate] airplane pays for itself.” ~ attorney F. Lee Bailey

Having been that guy in the fleabag hotel once while I should have been somewhere else I can assure you that is a helpless feeling and one that I never again want to experience.

Reading through some of the other reasons for travelers to take private aircraft in the article you can get a sense for the reasons why those that are using business aircraft to conduct business, are at the top of the game or well known experts and celebrities in their industries.  They know when to cut corners and they know when spending a little extra on something that might seem extravagant makes them ahead of all of the competition.

Using Technology To Purchase Your Corporate Jet

We continue to see advances in technology that are allowing us to do things that we could never do before when we shop of when we make big purchases.  We can see the products we are searching for and researching our big purchases is becoming much easier.  This is not any different when researching and buying a very large purchase like a vacation home, a vehicle, or even, you guessed it, your next corporate jet.  Corporate jet inventories are up all over the world and wit that you have a large amount of jets to choose from.  At L&L International we have listed out our inventories to help you search for the corporate jet you are looking for and can provide you further information as you request.

Not only can you search through our current inventory, but we can also help you search and find other aircraft.  You can be sent photographs and with the idea that we can send video and other media over the Internet you can get further information on request.  You need not be in the city or even the same country as the aircraft you are searching for, and we can provide that assistance to you by using technology.  If there is anything that you need to make your search or purchase of a corporate jet purchase easier we can give you the assistance you are needing. If you are buying a corporate jet, looking to lease a jet or if you have any needs at all please contact us.