Book a Private Flight with a Tap of Your Finger

Woman at airportThere’s a mobile app for just about anything you want to do: from checking the weather to ordering takeout to tracking your health — and now, even for booking a private jet flight.

The latest trend in charter flights is to book them through various smartphone apps. Inspired by the popular ride-sharing service Uber, the idea has now branched into private aircraft.

Just as Uber made getting a ride easier, a range of private jet apps is doing the same thing. Apps such as JetSmarterFlightTime, and BLADE allow you to book a flight to your destination with a few taps on your smartphone.

The process of connecting with a private jet charter is quite simple: users plug in their travel dates, departure location, and destination and view available flights. From there, they can compare prices, view specs, and even see images of the aircraft.

Why use a charter-booking app?

One of the most important benefits of using an app to book a charter flight is sheer speed. The entire process of locating and booking a flight can take just a few minutes, and many private jet services can take off within an hour of booking.

Another benefit is cost savings. In eliminating the broker, the apps enable customers to save significant money on air charters. Many of the apps let time- and money-conscious users take advantage of “empty leg” deals — booking empty seats on private jets that are returning to private airports or heading to popular destinations half-full.

Bringing private jets to the masses

The success of these apps has surprised many in the bizjet industry, including the creators of the apps themselves. The apps are bringing private flights to a wider population than just business executives and the wealthy, and they’re helping to maximize jet owners’ ROI by reducing seat vacancies.

Even as wealthy families are paying as much as $500,000 for a private flight — all booked through their iPhone — flight-booking apps are making charter jet travel almost a commodity by offering much lower-priced seats to customers. Such apps could have a significant impact on the market for private jet travel.

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