Why Are Private Jets Essential for Business Travel?

How many business class tickets does your company buy annually? If you have two employees traveling internationally twice monthly on different flights, you’re booking nearly 100 flights annually (departure and return).

How many of those flights will be delayed or cancelled? How many times will your workers’ luggage get lost at a layover? What will the average cost of these tickets be each month? There’s a lot to consider here, and the numbers can paint a pretty grim picture of commercial travel.

Commercial aviation woes

Flying first class (or even business class) may feel better than hitching a ride in economy. But where you sit on the plane has nothing to do with the logistics of commercial air travel. If something goes wrong — such as a delay, cancellation, or problem boarding — all passengers are affected equally.

For every issue with commercial air travel you encounter, there’s a cost. This cost gets added to what you’ve already paid for tickets — and it’s not always a cost measured in dollars. Take a look at how they can add up:

  • Delays and cancellations are extremely common and can vary widely based on where you’re flying to and from, as well as weather patterns at the time. Every hour you’re delayed has rippling costs to your trip and the bottom line of your company’s balance sheet.
  • Layovers may be part of the trip, but they’re an inconvenience and a time-suck nonetheless. And with every additional layover comes the potential for further delays or mishaps with luggage or itineraries.
  • Lost luggage happens much less frequently these days, but it still occurs from time to time — especially flying internationally. Between random TSA inspections and multi-leg fights, lost luggage becomes a real possibility and, if it occurs, a real problem.
  • Technology troubles come with their own costs. Can’t work on the plane because the Wi-Fi is down? Issues getting the bandwidth you need at the airport? Nowhere to charge your phone on the plane? These minor inconveniences quickly amount to costly setbacks for businesses.
Compile every dollar spent, lost hour, and inconvenience — and commercial flights suddenly don’t seem so appealing. And with ticket prices subject to wild fluctuation, there’s no telling what the final cost to fly may be. If you’re buying 100 tickets a year, this is likely too much invariability to be comfortable with.

Chartered aviation to the rescue

Private aviation flips the script, taking all the negatives of commercial flights and all but abolishing them. Check out how BizAv broadly eliminates the setbacks and headaches that define commercial aviation:

  • There are no long lines to navigate for a chartered flight. It leaves when you’re ready.
  • There’s no noise or restriction onboard. It’s just you and your business, ready to work.
  • Forget about layovers! Direct to destination charters save you invaluable time.
  • BizAv delays are few and far between, and you’ll typically have far better notice.
  • The cost of chartered flights is comparable to first-class flights in many cases.
  • No lost luggage or complicated baggage claims. Your luggage is with you at all times.

Private aviation brings certainty to your demand for flying. If you know you’re buying 100 tickets per year and roughly where you’ll be flying, something like an investment in fractional flights or a jet card attaches a real, true-dollar figure to your travel outlook.

There are many concerns surrounding commercial aviation — most of which you have little control over. What you can control is the decision to charter your business flights. In doing so, you’ll introduce certainty to a previously uncertain situation.

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