What Do You Want Your Jet to Say About You?

Aside from telling the world your brand is successful and stylish, customizing your business jet may be just what you need to set yourself apart. Branding your jet is much like branding your website or your corporate office space, and it has the same effect: It sends a message. What message do you want to send?

“We’re stylish.” Perhaps your jet could use an exterior paint job to up your flashiness-factor upon arrival. Consider Prada: The fashion house is synonymous with the color black, so it’s no surprise that the company’s business jet — a Gulfstream G450 — is detailed with an all-over matte black.

“We’re detail-oriented.” When Donald Trump purchased Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s Boeing 757, he dropped another $100,000 to refurbish it to his gold standard of detail. According to a video tour by Amanda Miller, Trump’s assistant, the main cabin features all-leather sleeper seats adorned with the Trump family crest, 24-karat gold plated seat belts, and personal A/V systems. For business clients, showing your attention to detail can make a sale. If you want to come across as thoroughly meticulous, consider putting some capital into your jet’s interior fixtures.

“We take security seriously.” If your business takes you into dangerous areas or you’re flying someone high-profile, investing in tech-savvy gadgetry will set you apart. Look at Air Force One. While Air Force One is the call sign of any aircraft carrying the president of the United States, the actual Air Force One is one of two custom Boeing 747-200B series aircraft. Each plane has 4,000 square feet of floor space on three levels including a Presidential suite and quarters for the President’s senior advisors, Secret Service, and the press. Air Force One planes include secure communications systems, magnetic pulse-proof electronics, and the ability to refuel in-flight.

“We want total brand commitment.” Show the world your company is in it to win it! Splurging on an overhaul to make your jet’s interior, exterior, and hangar a flying reflection of your company will certainly make others stand up and take notice. Take Nike for example. Regardless of which Nike aircraft is in flight or on the ground, there’s no mistaking its owner. The company’s Gulfstream G550 is even painted to look like a sneaker, with the underside of the wings painted like the sole of the training shoes and the Nike ‘swoosh’ on the tail. And the customization doesn’t end there: The tail number (N1972N) contains the year that Nike was first incorporated. This jet, along with the company’s other branded aircraft, is housed in the customized Nike Air Hangar designed by TVA Architects, Inc.

When you’re ready to find the perfect jet to fit your message, talk with the expert jet brokers at L&L International. We’ll help you find a new jet or customize a pre-owned aircraft to fit your needs, your brand, and your message.

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