VistaJet Offers Good News At EBACE

We continue to get good news from the industry and this is a trend at the EBACE event in Geneva, Switzerland. The latest in good news comes from VistaJet a Swiss business jet operator. The company announced today at the event that they have an order for 18 Bombardier business jets, which will bring its fleet to more than 50 aircraft.

It is reported that the order, valued at $383 million, includes 12 Globals and Challengers and six Learjet 60 XRs. Deliveries of the order should begin in 2012. The founder, owner and the chairman of VistaJet, Thomas Flohr, in a statement said his company’s current order backlog is valued at $1.3 billion. It is also reported that the company has on order currently, 10 Global 6000s, six Challenger 605s, 11 Learjet 85s and six Learjet 60 XRs. VistaJet operates a Bombardier-only fleet. Flohr stated out that 75% of the operator’s flights now originate from or go to “fast-growth markets,” such as Brazil, Russia, India, Nigeria, China and the Middle East. This shows in increase of 50% over this period four years previous.

Flohr stats that 2011 is “off to a good start,” he reported that 20101 saw a 25% increase in revenues over the previous year. Flohr revealed that approximately 20,000 passengers traveled aboard VistaJet aircraft last year. Flohr stated the company is “centered on [the passengers] actual requirements, rather than a perceived desire for abstract ownership.”

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