Upgrade Menu on Private Jet

There are numerous ways to compare commercial versus private air travel. When mealtime rolls around, there’s really no question about which option is going to taste better. Thanks to the rise in demand for private air travel, the availability of on-board catering options has exploded. Expanded menu selections and higher quality food provide dining experiences that range from the everyday to the gourmet — and anywhere in between.

Here are a few key considerations before ordering your next in-flight meal:

Meals that match the accommodations

Smaller jets intended for shorter flights aren’t usually equipped with a galley, so cold food such as sandwiches, salads, cheeses and non-perishable deserts like cookies are the best choices. Remember to request utensils, plates, glassware and trash bags for cleanup. You may also need a beer or wine opener for that special in-flight toast to a successful partnership.

With larger jets come food warmers and refrigeration units, so the catering options are almost unlimited. A wide variety of hot foods prepared by experienced and highly trained chefs can satisfy virtually any culinary craving. For overseas flights, remember to plan ahead for multiple meals and inquire about staffing to help with meal preparation and setup.

Fly far and dine local

Another option is to order from a caterer or restaurant that specializes in the local cuisine. Hankering for a hot dog in Chicago? Craving blue crab in Baltimore? Call a local caterer or restaurant and find out if they can deliver to the airport for a fee.

Find a catering company that comes recommended by private jet charter outfits or other corporate jet owners. Then ask the catering outfit if they accommodate special diets, how and when the food will be delivered, and if any special delivery or set-up fees apply.

Most importantly, remember that private air travel provides a unique opportunity to celebrate accomplishments, cement new relationships or just quietly cap the end of a long day. It’s time for private air travelers to take back the dubious reputation of airplane food by sampling and savoring new flavors in the air.

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