U.S. Open Causing Some Private Jet Traffic Concerns at Monterey

I love playing golf and watching golf is almost as fun.  This weekend is the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.  The airport that is going to be servicing the U.S. Open for many of the private jets used by companies, sponsors and players is the Monterey Peninsula Airport.  The FAA has issued a statement concerning the traffic concerns that will be a result of the event.

James Babcock, the air traffic manager at Monterey Airport states:

“Starting the afternoon of June 13, 2010 and continuing through the morning of June 21, 2010, we anticipate that the amount of traffic arriving and departing Monterey will likely double.”

They are also like to see the airport fill up with a number of aircraft and they are finding ways to park the number of private jets and corporate jets that they will have at Monterey.  They are asking that other airports be used during the event. Arrival and departure slots will not be required, but the NBAA recommends that operators contact their FBO’s in advance if operating in or out of MRY during this event.

It would be interesting top see all the different aircraft that is being used by corporations or private individuals that are coming in and out of the airport for the U.S Open.  I for one would love to be there to see the event in California.

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