Top Reasons to Buy a Private Jet: Time and Flexibility

Business executives toasting champagne on private jetThe decision to purchase a jet is about more than just cost — it’s about time AND money. The flexibility of being able to fly when and where you want is one of the most commonly cited reasons for a jet purchase, but there are many other reasons that come along with that leisure.

Warren Buffet, of Berkshire Hathaway, is famously reported to have said, “Berkshire [Hathaway] has been better off by me having a plane available to go and do deals. It’s a plus; we’ve done things I would not have done if we hadn’t had a plane.”

How do you know it’s time to buy a private aircraft? Use these four criteria to evaluate your need.

1. Efficiency and flexibility

Some private jets can fly faster than commercial airliners, but the biggest time savings comes in the avoided wait time. A commercial flight typically costs a traveler hours of wasted time, from security procedures to baggage claim.

When time is money, a private jet is the way to go. The average waiting time for a private jet is less than ten minutes to takeoff. There are no seemingly endless queues or racing from one gate to the next. When you land, your car can be waiting for you and your luggage loaded straight into the trunk.

2. Security and privacy

Good private jet pilots have impeccable safety records. They undergo rigorous training and enforce safety management systems that rival many commercial airlines. When you own a private jet, you have the ability to screen and select your own pilot and crew — and be sure that they will respect your own and other passengers’ privacy. Plus, arriving at a terminal means you are seconds away from the aircraft and can avoid attracting attention. While on board, you are free to behave on your terms and even discuss business without the risk of compromising sensitive details.

3. Reach rural or remote places

Think about your clients or partners and where they do business. Do they typically have office space right next to a big commercial airport? Probably not. That means you have to fly and drive to see them. One of the most critical benefits of owning a private jet for a corporate executive is the ability to reach smaller and rural airports — it makes a big difference in business growth and could help unlock an untapped market.

4. Mobile conference room

The ‘golden age’ of flying by commercial airlines is long gone. To them, you’re just a seat number and a soda — so you better sit down, buckle up, and behave. One of the key advantages to private jet ownership is the ability to work on the go — and even get some comfortable sleep — arriving fresh and ready for business. When you have the opportunity to collaborate away from the distractions of the office, you and your team can often come up with real solutions to the problems your organization is facing.

Real comfort in business aviation starts with a private jet.

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