Time for Spring Cleaning? Refurbish Your Private Jet

The season for spring cleaning is the ideal time of year to assess the condition of your business jet and plan needed upgrades. Customizing your jet’s interior, detailing the jet’s exterior, and boosting security are all good “spring cleaning” options for private jet owners to consider.

Aircraft interior customizations

Why is customizing a jet’s interior so popular right now?

  • It’s a cost-effective way to meet the changing needs of business execs.
  • It effectively boosts a jet’s resale value.
  • It’s faster and costs less than buying a new plane.

A recent Forbes article, “Eight Trends In Private Jet Travel,” listed customizing jet interiors as one of the hottest trends in jet ownership. What kinds of customizations are jet owners making?

  • Updating lavatories to include showers
  • Adding full dining tables
  • Upgrading carpet with custom patterns in wool and silk
  • Updating to match new company branding

Jet exterior detailing

Detailing the exterior of your jet makes it look as good as new. It also ensures better wear and less exterior corrosion, keeping the value of your jet as high as possible. You can also upgrade the plane’s exterior to match your brand, so that more customers see it.

Adding security upgrades

As part of your upgrade plan, you can invest in security enhancements to protect your multi-million dollar jet from vandalism, theft, and damage. Keeping an eye on your jet 24/7 is much easier with upgraded security systems, high-performance detectors, and night-time security cameras.

Spring can also be a big time for change. If you’re ready to sell or buy a jet, let L&L International help you find the right buyer or the right new jet to purchase.

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