Time for a Change in U.S. Aviation

At the end of October, Allegiant Airlines pulled out of the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport (FNL). The airline provided commercial service from Fort Collins, Colo., to Phoenix  and Las Vegas. Travelers loved driving 15 minutes to the local airport and hopping on the always-full airplanes for a quick flight to their destination.

Of course Denver International Airport (DEN) is about an hour away, but the parking, waiting in security lines, and getting around in the airport add hours to the trip and complicates everything, from luggage to on-the-ground transportation.

This problem is not isolated in Colorado, certainly it’s happening everywhere. People want to fly to their destinations. It’s safer than long-distance driving, takes less time, and for many people, more fun! Businesses are spread out, and businesspeople fly several times a week. Flying is simply a way of life for many people.

So why is flying still so difficult? I think travelers will start demanding more local airports. The supercenter airports like LaGuardia, Dulles, and Atlanta, are outdated for the most part. It seems anymore that getting to the airport and around the terminals are the most frustrating parts of travel. These facilities don’t really seem feasible for many trips, especially in small and midsized cities. Business still thrives in these areas even if they can’t support a major airport.

We need to start rethinking the aviation system in the U.S. Smaller, regional airports are more accessible and easier to get through, even if you’re just making a connection at a larger hub. There is definitely a demand for more local flights in some circles, and we all know that aviation is a huge part of the U.S. economy.

It’s exciting to think about the possibilities of more local airports and airlines. Private aircraft would have even more options, and individuals might consider flying to destinations that they previously thought they’d have to drive to. Less road traffic and congestion and faster travel times. Sounds good to me!


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