Teterboro Shows Silver Lining To Business Aviation

I was reading recently in about the Teterboro Trade Show held by the National Business Aviation Association and the optimism that was garnered from that gathering last week.  A good deal of the optimism that was garnered had to do with the fact that the turnout was a record breaking affair.  The event had more than 1,600 people which was larger than the previous event held in 2008 in White Plains, New York which had a total of 1300 attendees according to Ed Bolen, President and CEO of the NBAA.  Bolen went on to state as provided in the article:

The trade show’s record turnout suggests how eager charter operators, manufacturers and private aviation service providers are for a real recovery, said Ed Bolen, president and chief executive officer of the business aviation trade group. “We have been hit very, very hard, but things are looking better if you squint,” he said.

Apparently not everyone was in the same optimistic mood when it came to the news of the record breaking show.  The report goes on to quote vice president of Global Aircraft Interiors, Inc., who stated:

“I haven’t seen a rebound yet,” said Robert Roth, vice president of Global Aircraft Interiors Inc. of Ronkonkoma, N.Y. He said some aircraft owners are renovating rather than buying new but price competition is fierce, with six or seven companies often competing for the same job, he said.

It is all coming together for the rebound both in sales of new aircraft and used aircraft and apparently the strongest of the aircraft renovation companies are getting busy with their own proposals.  2010 is perhaps shaping up to be the year of the comeback in the business aviation industry.

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