Take Your Seat — and Love It!

Corporate jet travelers spend a lot of time sitting. Today’s aircraft interior designers and engineers are working harder than ever to perfect the business jet seat. In the January 2013 issue of Business Jet Interiors International, experts in design, manufacturing, certification, installation, and maintenance discuss the bright (and cozy) future of jet seats. The efforts to improve jet seating involve an array of considerations:

  • Visual appeal — Designers are working to make seats look less like airplane chairs and more like luxury furniture.
  • Comfort and ergonomics — Engineers have come up with creative solutions to adjust seating to accommodate passengers with different height and weight needs, including extendable head and leg rests for a customized and comfortable fit.
  • Use — Advances in technology are making airline seats into multi-tasking marvels that allow complete reclining for rest, double seats for comfort, in-seat storage, as well as track-and-swivel mechanisms.
  • Safety — Always a prime consideration, engineers are constantly improving seat safety while ensuring aircraft seating meets flammability and passageway certification requirements.
  • Arrangement — Designers are looking at new ways to position seating and develop aircraft floor plans that are functional, comfortable, and attractive.

Modern advances in materials and increased user expectations mean standard seats will soon offer features similar to those you’d expect from luxury cars. Heated jet seats are currently available, but future seats could be cooled as well. And composite frames, as opposed to the standard aluminum, may eventually help designers make seats lighter-weight and more visually appealing. In addition, travelers are asking for seats with memory settings for sleeping and favorite positions, mechanical lumbar support, and massage functionality.

Are you ready to upgrade?

Is your jet ready for a seat renovation? If so, it’s a big investment that you’ll want to protect. Heed these expert tips on making a seat upgrade last:

  • Choose materials capable of handling wear and tear.
  • Avoid extremely light colors.
  • Arm rests and seat cushions are the most replaced items, so choose these components wisely.
  • To maintain resale appeal and value, keep colors and aesthetics in mind; sometimes funky or custom designs are more difficult to sell.
  • Make sure replacement parts are available.
  • Use seat covers when seats are not in use and have seats cleaned and protected regularly.

With thoughtful consideration and consistent care, your seating investment can look and feel great for a long time — or at least until those air-conditioned seats come along!

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