The splendor of air travel

Let’s face it.  Working in an office all the time typically leaves most wanting to be somewhere else at one time or another.  Well, maybe more often than not.

And in anticipation of that upcoming vacation, the fact that the school year is winding down and the kids soon will be out for summer, it’s really time to be thinking of some cool destinations in which to travel.

For most, that means calling a travel agent or getting on one of a dozen travel booking Web sites and finding the best deals on airfares.  There’s even adventure in that for some obsessive compulsive types who can or will spend as much time shopping for the lowest rates and most perks as they will actually spend enjoying the trip.

But this is where the value of owning one’s own jet really comes in.  The hassles are reduced. The plane is at the hangar. The pilots are ready.  Lodging and accommodations are easy to arrange.  The question then becomes domestic or foreign? Once you decide on that, then the whole mental conversation with yourself changes.

We all know the joy of anticipation that comes from preparing for a trip with the family or with friends.  With children, there comes the teachable moments of trying to help them understand the concept of traveling light.  The whole teddy bear or Barbie collection isn’t going to be needed at Disney World or when you’re hiking the Grand Canyon.  While packing the Wii, PlayStation or the Nintendo DS with a case of games can be fun for the boys, too, bringing 20 games is unrealistic and stands to defy the whole purpose for getting away.

We humans love the sense of adventure.   And just like high school seniors facing “senioritis” at this time of the year, there is nothing like the mental countdown and preparation for going on the next cool trip that causes us to really wish that the work week is fast coming to an end so that the trip can begin.

Think back to the last time you walked out of the office just before your last trip.  There’s that feeling of elation.  You’ve said goodbyes and the receptionist tells you to forget about work.  “We’ve got it handled.  Enjoy your trip!”  How many times have you heard that said? You get home.  There’s last evening packing.  The excitement keeps brewing. If you have kids, there’s those just-before-lights out questions about what the trip will be like.  You go to bed late that night.  You dream of what the trip will be like, too.

The next morning, travel day, you awake.  If you have kids, even if it’s a 5 a.m. crew call, they all spring to life as though they’ve slept for two days.  It’s so easy to get people dressed, suitcases finally packed, loaded into the car.  HVAC turned up/down depending on your whereabouts. Lights on timers to make it look like your home.  Kids in the car.  Alarm triggered.  Doors locked.  It’s time to go.

Now at this point, isn’t it easier to be thinking about going to your own terminal to get on your own plane instead of going to the airlines?

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