Sleeping In-Flight: Bedding for Your Jet

Wouldn’t it be nice if, on those especially long trips, your private jet had a four-poster bed so that you could lay your head down and get a great night’s sleep, like you do at home?

Although your aircraft may not be a flying palace like the Turkish jet recently built for a Middle Eastern prince (it has king-size beds, a sauna, a board room and a concert hall, among other amenities), it is possible to get a good night’s sleep — or just a great power nap — with the mattresses and bedding available today for private jets.

From bedding packages complete with mattress, sheets, blanket and pillow in easy-to-store bags, to custom-designed memory-foam mattresses that fit over your jet’s furnishings, you’re sure to find a comfortable solution for overnight trips.

Private jet bedding businesses:

  • In-Flight Bedding by Simone
  • Comfort Custom Solutions
  • Call a Mattress Inc.

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