The Sky Will Soon Be Connected

The skies are soon going to be fully connected.  I have talked before about how commercial airlines are slowly adopting the idea that they want to make Internet access available to their customers. Many commercial carriers are talking about equipping all of their planes with that ability.  Gogo and Internet company that specializes in making it possible to access the Internet boasts of having 1166 aircraft that are equipped with their service.  It is important that we have access to the Internet to help us stay connected in a fast moving world.

Private jets already have that ability and are easily equipped with Interact access.  I have talked about Aircell, a company that equips aircraft with the ability to access the Internet.  With technology traveling at the speed of light these days in order to stay connected we are also relying on mobile phones and smart phones that are connected.  It stands to reason that we will be seeing more and more Internet access and phone access.  Many of my friends are in a constant state of connectivity and must always be within reach of a way to communicate.  They are chatting to business associates on airlines equipped with WiFi using Google+ and Skype and other technologies.  Private jets are a great way to stay connected and the privacy that is afforded is priceless for those looking to stay connected and still not give away company secrets. You can also update your Facebook status and update everyone on Twitter!

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