Selling A Jet? Is Your Title Clear?

If you are selling a jet it a good practice to have a clear title.  By title I don’t mean the name of your plane, the sign off of the CEO or other “titles” but your actual ownership documents.  In real estate transactions we have different types of deeds and there may be different types of title to property you own.  The same is true for your private aircraft.  If you own your plan completely you may want to make that a part of your sales pitch that the jet is free from any issues related to encumbrances, or other legal title issues.   If you have issues related to the title of your business aircraft or private jet, these may be red flags that make it difficult to sell. Recently, in the Corporate Jet Insider email newsletter, this very issue was discussed and it is an article that should be read by anyone buy and of course selling a private jet.

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