Selling an Aircraft? Take Advantage of Technology!

Aviation may seem like an industry that’s too large and too specific for the latest e-commerce techniques to work, but don’t ignore these technologies when you’re trying to sell an aircraft; they could help you more than you think!

Aircraft sales are typically business-to-business transactions, and B2B buyers make their decisions based on some predictable factors:

  • 50% of B2B buyers regularly use social media/peer reviews to make buying decisions.
  • 78% of B2B buyers go directly to vendors’ websites.

While these may seem to be the actions related solely to new jet buying, these tendencies also carry over into jet resale.

Smart jet brokers are leveraging all of the latest technologies to create a relationship between the buyer and the broker. Your jet is unique — maintenance information, recent upgrades, and distinctive features can all be lost in traditional listings that set it alongside thousands of other aircraft. Tech-savvy buyers can easily miss out on seeing what makes your jet special — or seeing your jet at all.

When selling, take advantage of today’s most advantageous avenues for enticing buyers:

  • Blog posts and articles — If people see the seller as a trusted resource for industry news and information, they will also trust that source to recommend the right aircraft.
  • Google+ and Facebook — According to a study by Gallup, users of these sites tend to be young, affluent, and educated — the target audience for jet sales.
  • Email Newsletters — Specific analytics and click reports now let brokers follow up with people who demonstrated interest in certain types of aircraft, even if they didn’t get in touch.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — Getting the right eyes on the jets you are selling is ultimately the key to getting the sale. SEO can help tie your listings to relevant keywords and search terms, bringing the buyers you’re looking for to your website.

While implementing all these high-tech selling techniques can be intimidating, the power of that technology can often mean a faster aircraft sale. Partnering with a broker who leverages all these technologies and more (like L&L International) can give your aircraft the best representation and promotion.

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