Recap: The 2015 Paris Air Show

Aircraft in a hangerThe bi-annual Paris Air Show is always a big event for aviation enthusiasts and airplane innovators from around to world to come together and share new technology and achievements. This year’s show was held from June 15-21 and the crowd included top military officials, aerospace executives, and over 200,000 visitors (up 13.6% from last year).

If you didn’t have a chance to attend this exciting event, here’s a recap of what you missed.

Airbus tops Boeing on commercial orders

Displays by both Boeing and Airbus were popular, but in the end it was Airbus who walked with a bigger number of total orders than Boeing. The Boeing-Airbus rivalry was one of the highlights of the show, and both organizations managed to rake in a good amount of new business. Total orders from the show were reported at an impressive $107 billion with Airbus taking 53% of that amount. Still, Boeing continues its hold on wide-body jets.

Military technology transformed

Textron debuted their Scorpion Jet this year. It’s a fighter jet with a smaller footprint and lower operating costs; it’s expected to be deployed for routine operational missions and is designed to provide improved ground support as it can get to locations quickly and still maneuver at slower speeds. While military budgets around the world continue to face constraints, this less expensive jet may be more easily justifiable. So far, the Scorpion has gained interest from countries in the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Additionally, the introduction of Harvest Hawk, a variant of the C-130J, introduced the idea that an airlifter can be both mother ship and weapons carrier for forces on the ground. A European cargo plane, the A400M, showed that the role of lift in changing approaches to military operations makes a difference. This airplane’s key advantage is its ability to ship helicopters to where they are needed most.

With the close of the show, attendees are sure to be amped up at getting a peek at what the future holds for aviation worldwide.

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