Private Jets and the Oscars

The whole country was watching the 83rd annual Oscars last night in Los Angeles and I was curious if there was an increase in the number of private jets or corporate jets that flew in or out of the city.  It seems that many private jet charter companies increase their advertising and their offerings for stars and VIP and executives that wanted to fly into the event in style.  The issue there is most of those that are nominated or are attending the event already reside in the area.

There are some that are reporting that many stars that attended are now green since they didn’t charter private jets and didn’t upgrade their travel in and out of the show.  Not much traffic at the local airports for them and that goes without saying since they are again living in the area.  Many of those reported that are now more green for not flying in and out of Los Angeles didn’t report about their attending the Super Bowl festivities a few weeks ago.  Congratulations to all the winners last night and now everyone will be headed home or to the next event, so perhaps corporate jet use will rise here in the next few days from the Hollywood area.

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