Private Jets Go Hollywood

I interested is always peaked when watching movies that have cameo appearances of private jets.  Most of them are quick shots to set the scene of the stage or in this case screen.  I have talked about this in previous posts when we see private jets.  The latest occurred last week as I was watching Transformers, Dark of the Moon.  In that particular movie we see a quick cameo shot of a private jet of a character Charlotte Mearing, the United States Director of National Security. The irony of having a private jet being used by a public employee won’t be discussed.  Charlotte Mearing is played in the movie by Francis McDormand.
The jet itself is a Gulfstream and is owned by the movie’s director Michael Bay.  The Gulfstream Aerospace G-1159A jet (registration number N4500X) makes a quick appearance and it is one of my favorite manufacturers in the private jet industry.  I have included a picture here of the jet and of interest is the picture of the autobot on the tail.  My thanks to for the image.  The film itself show the jet flying which makes me wonder how they actually filmed the shot.  Was it from another jet or from a commercial jet?  I suppose we’ll have to get deeper into this but thanks to Michael bay for a great cameo of his private jet.  Now we need to wonder what type of robot this plane will turn into.

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