Private Jets Create Stress Free Holiday Travel

There is nothing worse than being stuck in an airport delayed for the third time while waiting for a commercial flight to grandma’s house to celebrate the holidays.  As a father of four children, I can assure you that we just do not travel during the holiday for that reason.  I tend to send grandma the ticket to come to us.  This could all be alleviated of course if I used a private jet for holiday travel.

Living near an international hub and airport, the local news channel always talk about record crowds and getting to the airport early and that does not even factor in the idea of weather.  What that means is increased stress during the holidays.  Millions of travelers all want to go home for the holidays, or they want to visit relatives and many decide that might be a good time to take a vacation from work since they have some extra time off.  This usually means airports operating at capacity with millions of travelers.  My luck is that all decide to get into the same line I am in and I stand for a couple hours in that line and a couple more to get through security and a few more at the gate.  Meanwhile if I hopped in the family mini-van I would have been half way to my destination before I ever debarked.  Private aircraft completely eliminate these scenarios.

If you are looking for that perfect holiday gift for yourself, how about a stress free way to travel during the holidays.  In fact, with the time and effort saved on stress and waiting in airports, you could take a couple of trips during the holidays and actually get a few more hours of work in while traveling.  I am sold.  I think I may contact someone to purchase my private aircraft.

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