Private Jet Security and Terrorism

Earlier this year the Transportation Security Administration was discussing the idea of creating tighter security with the use of private or business aircraft.  The threat of terrorism seems to be more of a commercial issue than it is a private jet or corporate jet issue.  With the crack down in security on the commercial level many people were concerned that terrorism may be looking to the use of private aircraft or the business jet industry.  So far this has not been an area of concern and the TSA has not implemented any changes.

With more than 300 small airports to make sweeping changes to in the area of security it would be a fairly costly maneuver.  At this juncture the TSA has not implemented the changes and has not discuss any further ideas towards that idea.  The current security falls into the hands of the individual operators of the aircraft, the crew and the passengers. The likelihood of a terrorist action using private aircraft remains a possibility but as yet this has not been an area where the TSA has made any changes.  At this time the aviation community is doing a good job of reducing the risk of terrorism and private jets or business aircraft.

The most recent event of terrorism involved a small plane in Austin, Texas.  The Washington Post covered that event and reported:

Pilots of private planes fly about 200,000 small and medium-size aircraft in the United States, using 19,000 airports, most of them small. The planes’ owners say the aircraft have little in common with airliners.

“I don’t see a gaping security hole here,” said Tom Walsh, an aviation security consultant. “In terms of aviation security, there are much bigger fish to fry than worrying [about] small aircraft.”

It is not discussed about the issue of private aircraft or the size of a large business jet, but in that case it seems that they have tighter restrictions on the passengers and the use than a commercial airliner.  We will keep you up to date on any changes in the private aircraft security.

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