Private Jet Cabin Considerations

When your company invests in a private jet, one of the most important features to consider is the cabin. The cabin size and shape are critical to making sure that passengers enjoy a comfortable, spacious ride.

According to Air Charter Access’ Aircraft Selection Guide, the number of passengers a jet can seat ranges widely. A very light jet transports four adults, while as many as 16 passengers can travel on a heavy jet, which also has a full-service galley, a lavatory and perhaps a shower.

Cabin features

Not all cabins are created equally. Although two aircraft may both offer 28-foot-long cabins, one may have a bigger galley or lavatory, which sounds nice but reduces the area for passenger seating. Evaluate the tradeoffs between passenger seating space and galley/lavatory requirements.

The shape of the cabin is also a consideration. A round cabin provides maximum width at or just above the hip, whereas a cabin shaped like a bread loaf is straight-sided and provides greater shoulder width.

Baggage concerns

In-cabin baggage storage is important, as passengers may need access to some of their items — such as toiletries, laptop computers or clothes — while in flight. Trips may include a golf game, skiing or other activities requiring larger items with awkward shapes, so baggage storage compartments should be big enough to store those items.

Having an external baggage compartment prevents additional wear on the interior and allows passengers to board while their luggage is being loaded. For larger jets, consider how high off the ground the external baggage compartment will be.

A light jet will have limited luggage storage, usually around 40 cubic feet, so it won’t carry seven passengers with two days’ worth of necessities. However, a turbo prop can handle that load with no problem as long as it’s a short trip.

Although you can design and decorate your jet to your desires and specifications, you’ll want to give thought to the size, shape and luggage storage your cabin offers before you select an aircraft.

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