Private Jet Should Appeal to Personal Aesthetics

We like to highlight other companies that assist in private jet travel and maintenance. We hope you find this piece about Aviation Aesthetics helpful, especially if you’re planning a renovation.

A home isn’t your home until you’ve made it yours, adding your own personal touches, relaxing in your favorite chair, painting it in your custom colors and making it work for you.

If you spend much time in your or your company’s jet, you’ll enjoy your time that much more when it’s as comfortable, relaxing and functional for you as home.

And that’s where Aviation Aesthetics comes in.

Aviation Aesthetics specializes in highly customized private jet interior design, applying the extensive experience in the luxury residential and corporate sectors to the aviation market. Its philosophy is that aircraft interior design should be comfortable, stylish, provide multiple functions at your fingertips and have durability for intensive use.

The interior designer’s emphasis is on both aesthetic and functional design, offering a comprehensive service that starts with the initial project design consultation and includes project management, advocacy and delivery.

Aviation Aesthetics acts as a committed advocate on behalf of its clients with all of its manufacturers, completion centers and vendors to ensure that your vision guides the process every step of the way. Its goal is to deliver your aircraft on time, within budget and with the highest standards of quality.

Founded by Havilande Whitcomb after working for award winning architecture firms in New York and New England, Aviation Aesthetics offer a new approach in the private aviation sector, merging luxury with art and functionality.

For more information about Aviation Aesthetics, visit, call (203) 984-2607 or e-mail

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