Preserve Your Aircraft with Professional Detailing

You’ve invested millions in your aircraft. To keep it in top condition and help to maintain its value, you must also invest in an ongoing maintenance program, which includes not just mechanical upkeep but also detailing.

Aircraft detailing is a lot more involved than simply wiping everything down with a wet rag. This labor-intensive process typically takes two to five days and is best performed by a professional detailing firm. A qualified firm has trained personnel, is bonded, and has liability insurance.

Detailing can be exterior, interior, or both. An exterior detail can range from polishing and removing scratches and blemishes to degreasing, brightwork, and landing gear treatment.

Interior detailing is just as involved, and companies like Wisetouch Interiors work to ensure that no aspect of the aircraft is overlooked. Common interior detailing tasks include carpet cleaning and shampooing, suede and fabric specialization, marble cleaning, wood and veneer work, leather moisturizing, plated polishing, and thorough scouring and polishing of the galley, cockpit, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Some services even go as far as procuring leather dye matches to re-dye interior surfaces.

Costs for a well-done detailing job by a trusted company generally run in the tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the aircraft model. But the cost of detailing is often far less than even one-tenth of the cost of a complete cabin refurbishment and takes considerably less time. If you want a like-new aircraft without the price tag and time investment of a refurbishment, for a relatively small investment, detailing offers a big return.

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