A Personal Theatre, Wherever You Are

Avegant Glyph headsets

Avegant’s Glyph headset

What better way is there to escape the mundane of everyday life than to immerse yourself in a virtual reality? Avegant Glyph headsets let you do just that, converting TV, films, and video games into a truly immersive escape.

The Glyph headsets, which look like bulky headphones, can be pulled over users’ eyes and set to video mode for an amazing visual experience. The device uses new technology to offer exceptional image quality that cannot be matched.

Rather than looking at a LCD of OLED screen through the lens, images are project directly into the users’ retinas through “virtual retinal display.” This combines special optics and millions of tiny mirrors in a way that replicates the way we see the world around us. The end result rivals, and even surpasses, the experience of a home theatre — all in one portable device!

Glyph headsets are in production mode now, but the beta version will be mass marketed in fall 2015. For those who cannot wait to try the experience themselves, the headsets can be pre-order from Avegant for $599.


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