Perfectly Molded, Customized, In-Ear Headphones

Ultimate Ears
Photo credit: Ultimate Ears

Why settle for sub-par sound? Now you can listen to music comfortably while you travel, just like music’s “top dogs.” Touring musicians all over the globe turn to California-based company Ultimate Ears’ in-ear monitors for customized, uncannily clear and crisp sound. You simply choose the model that’s best for your needs, pick your color, personalize your case, and choose a suitable cable color and length. Ultimate Ears will send you an impression kit, which you take to a local audiologist to have a mold of your ears made. Impressions are sent back to Ultimate Ears, where your headphones will be handcrafted. The final product will fit perfectly inside your ears, providing an unparalleled sound experience. Prices range from $399 (for non-customized models) to $1,999.

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