Which Older Large-Cabin Jets Offer a Good Value?

Demand for preowned business jets in the heavyweight class has increased in the past year. Although a much-sought-after used Gulfstream G650 might be out of reach, lower-priced options make ultra-long-range aircraft available to buyers shopping at a lower price point.

In the ultra-long-range jet category, Gulfstream stands out among its competitors. Older models, such as the Gulfstream GV and Gulfstream GIV, are moderately priced options. The advantages of these planes include large cabins that seat 14 to 16 for the GV and 14 for the GIV, fast travel speeds of up to 488 knots for the GV and 476 knots for the GIV, and long-range capability of 6,500 nautical miles for the GV and 4,200 for the GIV.

Gulfstream GIV and GV

There are specific advantages to each model. The GIV comes in at a relatively low price of $4 million to $5.5 million and offers the flexibility to land at smaller airports. As for the GV, at $14 million to $19 million, Aviatrade calls it “the best deal around for a long-range aircraft.” With fuel-efficient engines and reasonable operating costs, the GV is considered an especially good value.

However, there are downsides to buying an older aircraft. The main drawback is age. A savvy shopper must do research to establish an aircraft’s maintenance and operational history. The disadvantages of the GIV include its age, as it was introduced in 1987; its weight, which translates to high fuel requirements; and the likely need for refurbishment. Although refurbishing costs need to be factored into the purchase price, they can also be viewed as a value-add opportunity. Although the GV is not quite as old as the GIV (the GV was introduced in 1997), it might still require refurbishing.

Buy smart

The bottom line is that older, well-maintained Gulfstream models can be a good buy; historically, heavy ultra-long-range jets retain a high value. Before you delve into a purchase, consider factors such as the aircraft’s age, maintenance records, refurbishment history, whether the avionics have been updated, and whether the aircraft has been on an engine program. A reputable private-jet broker can assist you in finding the right preowned aircraft for your requirements — or locate the right buyer for your aircraft, as the case may be.

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