New Year, New Jet: Why 2014 Is the Time to Buy

If you’re already thinking about how to start the New Year, you’re not alone. On top of spending more time with family and friends, many of us are putting the following right at the top of our 2014 business resolution list:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reach out to new customers and expand our company’s reach
  • Increase productivity

January is the perfect time to make these things happen, and a business jet can help you check all of these items off of your list:

  • Save time and reduce stress. Commercial air travel is time consuming and frustrating. With your own jet, there’s no more arriving to the airport hours early just to strip down in security lines or deal with cancelled or delayed flights. Private air travel gets you in the air and on the way quickly, dependably, and without hassle.
  • Grow your business. Flying commercially tethers you to a handful of locations and strict time schedules. With a corporate jet, the globe is your office. You can make business connections like never before and meet new customers in hard-to-reach places when your schedule permits. Having the ability to build relationships on a personal, face-to-face basis is priceless.
  • Make travel time work double time. Corporate jets boast comfort and technology features that are far above what you’ll find in the commercial airline industry. Your jet can act as a second office to ensure that you stay productive en route — meaning you’ll boost productivity and still be home in time for the weekend.

Plus, a private jet can be the right investment if spending more time with family and friends is a top priority. A jet allows you to take control of your travel schedule, and because you can fly directly to your destination — even to multiple destinations a day — it means you’re better able to plan for time outside of work.

There are a number of investment options from sole ownership to fractional ownership to charters and more, and an experienced jet broker can help you identify the ideal jet and financial setup for your situation. The right jet can ensure your company’s success and make your New Year’s resolutions a reality in 2014 and beyond!

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