New Mobile Phone Plane Finder

I am a big advocate of the technology world.  I run in circles that believe that technology and specifically applications and software are what will fuel our next economy.  When I see things that talk about applications and technology I tend to pay attention.  Something that is a hot item in the world of mobile phones is Plane Finder.  AIN recently reported that the application that costs the user $2.99 from a UK based company is all the rage.  It was reported:

[the application] displays aircraft transmitting ADS-B Out signals–and only ADS-B–in a user’s geo-referenced area, whereas Pinkfroot’s Web site shows ADS-B-equipped aircraft across the world moving atop various map backgrounds, including Google Earth. In the iPhone and Android apps, touching an aircraft brings up its ID, type, operator’s name, altitude, groundspeed, heading, route and its manufacturer serial number, in addition to clickable pages of other information. While this is pretty straightforward database information, the clever twist is augmented reality, where pointing the mobile device’s camera at a visible overflying aircraft integrates the smartphone’s GPS position with the aircraft’s altitude and its ADS-B’s GPS position to display its bearing and distance, as well as the same full data block. Spotters are thrilled; not surprisingly, homeland security officials aren’t.

I would say that homeland security might be very interested in the use for this application to say the least.  I would also think that those paparazzi that are tracking celebs might also find a use for the aircraft finder for their own “research”.  Finally, I would be interested if this application might also be used by corporate espionage to find out what planes are flying to what places and landing at what times times to determine when meetings are held, where executives are going and when. All information that could be assisted with the pointing of your iPhone at over head aircraft.

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