A New Look for Aircraft: The Airbus Bionic Cabin

AbstractFuselage that imitates the bone structure of a bird.
Self-cleaning cabin surfaces.
Fabrics inspired by the lotus plant.

These ideas sound too exotic to be the future of aviation, but Airbus’s Bionic aircraft brings such imaginative implementations into reality.

Light as a feather

With hollow bones that are light yet strong, bird bone structure makes the perfect model for an ideal flying frame. The Airbus structure carries tension only when necessary, leaving extra space — and thus removing extra weight — where strength isn’t needed.

The reduced weight translates into reduced fuel burn, lowering the cost and environmental impact of flying. In addition, the extra space can accommodate oversized doors for passenger boarding and panoramic windows.

Not just for the birds

The Airbus Bionic’s developments aren’t limited to the frame. The new-age aircraft offers a unique look and advanced features for the cabin as well.

Like something straight out of science fiction, the upper part of the cabin can be covered by a biopolymer membrane that becomes transparent on command. It eliminates the need for windows and offers breathtaking views of, say, the Manhattan skyline, the Eiffel Tower, or the Golden Gate bridge.

In addition, seats will be made of a partially intelligent “smart” material that will automatically change shape to a more upright position on takeoff and landing and become firmer for better landing support on the body. And rather than separating first, business, and economy class, seats will change based on demand and the cost of the ticket. Pay more and the chair will morph to give you more space and a comfier setup.


The creation of this type of bionic plane is obviously a costly endeavor, and passenger cost is always a major factor to consider. With that in mind, Airbus is putting an emphasis on rolling out these changes in business class first, as it is more adaptable to innovation and change.

And although these amazing innovations are currently the realm of Airbus, these features may not be limited to a single carrier in the near future. Mother Nature’s inspiration might have a wider reach in the market, and other aircraft manufacturers are working on similar developments.

The future of aviation looks so bright — it might even be transparent.

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