Need Connectivity in the Clouds? There’s an App for That

A private jet is a mobile office, allowing travelers to stay connected and productive while they’re soaring through the skies. To enable a seamless work environment, passengers need secure, reliable Internet access. And the latest technology makes that connectivity a reality.

Options for onboard Wi-Fi depend on the size of your jet and how much you want to spend. However, big jets don’t have all the fun: Advances in satellite technology mean even small, shorter-range jets can have a reliable Internet connection.

For connectivity during international travel, Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband is a satellite-based service that lets you log on worldwide for $8.50 per megabit. Another option is Aircell’s Gogo Biz service, which requires the installation of two black boxes and two small antennas and comes at an installed price tag of around $120,000. You then invest in the service plan that meets your needs to access download speeds of about 3.2Mbps.

Looking for something smaller and simpler? An exciting new option is Bizjet Mobile from Execjet Mobile. This plug-and-play portable device is roughly the size of a wireless router and allows the crew and passengers to send and receive emails and texts from iPads and iPhones while in-flight. For installation, you simply connect to an Iridium data port and power onboard — meaning you don’t have to ground your jet for a time-consuming upgrade. Once the system is installed, passengers easily download the Bizjet app onto their iPad or iPhone and connect with the onboard Bizjet system. The pricing is set at $35,000 for the unit and $799 per month for unlimited texts and emails.

These new, high-tech connectivity options mean your company’s business travelers can close deals and maintain productivity all flight long, keeping profitability sky high.

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