Middle East Issues Makes for Corporate Jet Issues

First of all, we here at Corporate Jet Insider and L&L International would like to say we are sending all our best wishes and thoughts to all the people having difficulties in the middle east no matter where you may be and we hope that everyone remains safe.  The recent event sin the middle east have had sweeping effects on many industries and certainly have not missed business aviation.

We have been hearing good things from the business aviation world in the middle east as orders have been remaining steady and in some cases have increased n the middle east.  Where the difficulties are now being seen is in the problems with oil prices.  Oil is now over 100 dollars a barrel and this is having the same effects as it is for auto industry and the costs of goods.  Jet fuel prices as also jumping and this is trickling down to the use of corporate travel and the use of business jets.  We will be watching the industry and see how this may change in the short and long term. Our thoughts as stated are that we can overcome the middle east problems to make for a more stable business aviation industry.

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