Make Sure Your Jet Is Always Fit to Fly

Exactly what is an AHM? Aircraft health monitoring systems (AHMs) use sensors to collect and feed performance data from various systems in an aircraft — aero-propulsion, structures, and ancillary systems — to a central server. That data is then available to operators, OEMs, and ground engineers, who use it to proactively identify maintenance issues and make repairs.

Simply put, this planned downtime helps aircraft owners avoid unplanned downtime that would put an aircraft out of service. AHMs give a real-time picture of a jet’s health, allowing for real-time adjustments that make flying safer and maintenance records more accurate.

Newer aircraft such as those from Gulfstream and Embraer already offer AHMs, and industry experts expect the market for line-fit and retrofit AHM products to continue to grow — and fast. The current market for line-fit and retro-fit AHM markets is $896 million and a compound annual growth rate of 2.1% is projected over the next five years. It’s easy to see why the market is growing so quickly; AHMs

  • enable proactive maintenance,
  • make maintenance quicker and more reliable,
  • cut costs,
  • make aircraft safer, and
  • reduce downtime that results from an aircraft being grounded.

Despite all of these perks, AHMs still have industry barriers to overcome: There has been some resistance from regulators over the acceptance of AHMs and the data they provide. However, manufacturers and mechanics alike are working to change this perspective and the associated regulations, from general maintenance programs to customized mechanical checks based on the real-time data offered by AHMs.

As acceptance grows and more owners look to incorporate AHM technology into their aircraft, the need for skilled aircraft maintenance technicians will increase. It is important to seek out technicians who are specifically trained to use AHMs, with both computer skills and skills in aircraft mechanics.

AHMs are on the rise and will become a more commonplace feature in newer aircraft and retro-fitted older aircraft in the next few years, making the skies even safer.

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