Make Private Jet Leather Last

Keeping your private plane looking polished on the inside is an important part of maintaining the overall value of your investment. Instead of replacing worn interior fixtures, consider the cost-efficient option of leather and vinyl repair.

A small business with vast experience

Colorado-based Complete Leather Solutions has been restoring leather and vinyl for more than 35 years. As a self-described perfectionist, owner Dick Fulsom believes the key to his company’s longevity is being a family-owned operation and striving for 100 percent customer satisfaction on every project, both large and small.

The company launched a car upholstery repair business in 1976, eventually moving into refurbishing office and home furniture. Today, Complete Leather Solutions caters to a diverse set of commercial clients, including moving companies, hotel and resort establishments and — you guessed it — private jet owners.

Restoration: A greener option

Complete Leather Solutions can correct a wide variety of issues including scratches, tears and ripped seams, frame and cushion damage. They can also eliminate difficult stains in many cases. Complete Leather Solutions matches the color of existing leather furnishings or gives dated leather upholstery a facelift by dying the fabric in a more contemporary color.

Leather and vinyl damage that may appear beyond repair is, in fact, the kind of challenging restoration project at which Complete Leather Solutions excels. To learn more about Complete Leather Solutions and their services, visit their website at

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