Get Your Hands on a Luxury Workhorse: The Hawker Beechcraft 4000

The Hawker Beechcraft 4000 is one of the top super-midsize business jets available in terms of comfort and versatility. According to a Flying magazine article, the Hawker 4000 has a great cabin size with enough room to stand. The featured 2010 model features executive seating for up to nine passengers configured with four forward club chairs and an aft three-seat berthable divan opposite two additional club chairs. All of the seating is richly appointed in Garrett grazed mercury leather.

To complement the seating, the cabin also features

  • an Airshow 4000 audio and video entertainment system,
  • eight LCD passenger service units, and
  • six Rosen screens.

The forward galley is equipped with a microwave and nicely appointed with high-gloss Wenge woodwork.

Inside the cockpit

Inside the spacious cockpit, pilots will find the Honeywell Primus radio system, an integrated navigation and communication system. Combined with the Primus EPIC Autopilot, this software-based system provides pilots with complete control over communication, navigation, and surveillance. There is also cockpit floor storage and a cockpit observer chair with additional dedicated storage.

An engine built to last

The Pratt and Whitney 308A engines offer several features, including high durability, which complements the rugged nature of this plane. The engines also have increased safety features and high reliability, so it’s no wonder this plane is top of the line.

The auxiliary power unit is covered by Honeywell’s flexible service plan, Maintenance Service Program Gold, and the engines are covered by Pratt and Whitney Eagle Service Plan Gold. These extended coverage programs allow for routine periodic inspection and other features such as removal and transportation of engines if necessary.

If you or your organization is in the market for a new jet, the Hawker Beechcraft 4000 offers upscale luxury and built-in reliability. From the well-appointed cabin to the fully functional cockpit and workhorse engines, you can’t go wrong with this super-midsize jet.

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