Know Your Private Jet’s Range

Remember that Jerry Seinfeld joke years ago about “making up time” on an airplane? The captain apologizes for the late start, but he is sure they will make up time en route and land on time. Jerry wonders why jets don’t go as fast as possible all of the time. (This isn’t that clip, but it’s pretty funny!)

There are a lot of factors that affect jet travel speed and range.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a jet, make sure you know the range that will work best for your frequent, routine trips. Then, keep in mind that the range given for an aircraft is a general estimate that can change depending on many external factors.

Basically, the range depends on the aircraft’s fuel economy — fuel is often the limiting factor on trips. Be aware of these factors that affect fuel economy:

  • Winds
  • Payload
  • Circuitous routes
  • Temperature
  • Long trips over water

You can read more details about considering the range of an aircraft in the most recent newsletter from our friends at Conklin and deDecker.

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