Jet Brokers Save Time and Money

Time is money, and no one knows that better than the executives of a company with a private jet.

But it’s not just about how fast a jet can transport staff to and from an appointment; it’s also about what they can accomplish en route. From meetings to research to developing client relationships, these airborne offices help executives make the most of their time.

Although saving time is a major focus of a private jet purchase, many companies and individuals waste time when they attempt to shop for and purchase a private jet on their own — or with the help of someone who doesn’t have the knowledge and experience of a jet broker.

Jet brokers:

  • Understand clients’ requirements. A jet broker will ask crucial questions that determine the type of aircraft and approach to ownership that will best meet each client’s needs.
  • Provide valuable insight. A good jet broker will not push clients into a sale, but will instead provide information that allows clients to determine which aircraft is the most economical and effective choice.
  • Provide multiple options. Jet brokers use the breadth of their contacts and expertise to find the right aircraft for each client’s budget and use. They have access to planes that are not on the open market, so even if clients don’t see exactly what they are looking for on a website, they may still be able to procure the make and model they want.
  • Give all the details. Jet brokers can provide seating charts, layouts and options for different makes and models of jets they are suggesting, evaluate the potential for renovation or augmentation, and engage purchasers in the buying process.
  • Get all the ducks in a row. A jet broker ensures the new jet owner possesses all of the correct paperwork and has the latest maintenance and safety records for the aircraft.
  • Extend their service. The best jet brokers have an extensive network of professional service providers to perform maintenance checks on the aircraft chosen, appraise the craft for the lender or insurance agents, and work to ensure that the purchase returns value for the investment. A broker can also connect buyers to professionals who can make changes and upgrades to the aircraft after the purchase.

When purchasing a jet aircraft, find a jet broker who can help you save time long before you make the investment in a plane.

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