Increased Use Means Increased Maintenance For Your Corporate Jet

I was reading an article sent by a friend that indicates that studies have shown that corporate jet use is up and the month of June showed the increase as well.  That means more and more companies are using their corporate jets for more travel and I am sure that personal use is up as companies and their executives use the aircraft for personal use associated with vacations.  This increased use of the aircraft also means a possibility that you will have a higher maintenance budget.  If you have budgeted for an amount certain for 2010, and that amount increases at all that may mean that your business aircraft or private personal jet may now be up for an inspection and those costs will be added to the yearly maintenance budget.

If your usage of your corporate jet increases over the year and it changes either your maintenance schedule or inspection, this can have a large effect on the annual budget you have for the use of that aircraft.  You need to stay on top of that usage and the budget associated with the use so that it will not change your bottom line at the end of your fiscal year.  Keep someone on top of the business use and the personal use and keep up to date with the maintenance of your aircraft.  With the use of corporate jets increasing for both the business use and personal use it may be marking another indicator that the slide is over in this industry.  It is good to hear that corporate jets may be on the rise.

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