Improved Jet Market Puts Pressure on Buyers

If you’re considering purchasing a private aircraft for your business, you’re not alone.

Recent trends indicate that business aviation activity is gaining ground. That means if you’re considering buying a jet, finding the right one at the right price will present more challenges.

Flight and manufacturing activity on the upswing

Aviation International News (AIN) reports that Part 91 flights (owner-operated aircraft) saw a year-over-year climb of 4.9 percent in August, and Part 91 light jet activity increased 10.3 percent.

Jet manufacturers and pundits also reported improvements in the market compared with last year:

  • Gulfstream sales are expected to be up 14 to 15 percent this year, and the company’s production backlog includes orders for more than 200 G650s.
  • Dassault Aviation Chairman Charles Edelstenne reports that its order intake for new Falcons in the first half of 2011 was 22 units, compared with orders for just two jets in the same period of 2010.
  • Although business jet deliveries will remain flat this year at about 549 aircraft, they could rise to more than 650 next year, according to JPMorgan North American Equity Research’s latest business jet monthly report.

Tightening the search radius

Although an improving market is good news, it presents challenges for those looking to purchase a jet.

  • More competition with other buyers in the market
  • Longer wait for a new aircraft
  • More limited inventory of used aircraft

To find the right aircraft at the right price, you’ll need insider information and expertise. That’s where a professional jet broker comes in.

Jet brokers consult closely with you about your requirements and constraints to discover the private jet that is most appropriate for you. They have in-depth knowledge of the available pre-owned jets for sale and can broker the purchase and the sale of private jets, using their own market and off-market connections. By knowing when “jets for sale” ads are about to come up, jet brokers ensure their clients are the first in the line for the perfect private jet.

Jet brokers will work with you to negotiate terms with the seller and even help you to procure financing and insurance. Your best bet for a good deal on a pre-owned jet is to rely on the expertise of a professional jet broker.

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