Here’s Why the Learjet 75 Liberty is a Heavyweight in the Light Jet Segment

Learjet has long been one of the most reputable and on-demand names for light private aircraft. The Learjet 75, originally released in 2013, has commanded significant market share over the past few years. Now, the next iteration of this popular jet is soon to take the skies: the Learjet 75 Liberty. Not only is it expected to meet the lofty precedent set by its forerunners, it’s also set to disrupt the entire light jet segment in the way only a Learjet can.


A storied past

Ask anyone remotely familiar with the world of private aircraft, and you’ll inevitably hear them refer to Learjet with a sense of awe in their voice. First established in 1962 by developer William Powell Lear, the company immediately turned the world of light aircraft on its head with the Learjet 23. The state-of-the-art private jet was gorgeous, fast, and even cost-effective.

Over the decades, the technicians at Learjet, and their eventual parent company Bombardier, have continued to redefine what’s possible in flight, from the cockpit to the belly. Even as the market has continued to see more impressive competition year after year, Learjet has retained its place of honor. With the release of the Learjet 75, the venerable plane designer is poised to further entrench its position at the front of the field.

Source: Chad Slattery

Introducing the 75 Liberty

The Learjet 75 Liberty is built on the bones of Learjet’s previous 75 model; however, the Liberty has been redesigned from the ground up to improve the flight experience. If anything, the “Liberty” title refers to the extraordinary amount of space onboard.

At 19 feet long, the Learjet 75 is two feet longer than the competition. Learjet has made the most of the extra space by introducing its two-seat Executive Suite, a sealed-off area between the cockpit and main lounge. Two individual chairs offer three feet of legroom and matching fold-out tables. It’s a perfect space for executives on the go.

The Learjet 75 Liberty has opted to remove some of the seating, cutting the available number down to 6 (two in the Executive Suite and four in the main cabin). It’s also removed bulky items like auxiliary power and a lavatory sink (both of which can be re-added as options).

Best of all, the Learjet 75 Liberty has one of the fastest top speeds in its class at Mach .81. What’s more, even the most notable competition can’t compete with the Liberty’s superior range of more than 2,000 nautical miles.

Making revolutionary waves

As it prepares to enter the market, the Learjet 75 Liberty is poised as something of an oddity. That is, while it’s classified as a light jet, the enormous range and immense space make the Liberty seem almost more like a mid-size aircraft. Add to that the Liberty’s extremely appealing $10 million price tag, and it would seem as though one of the most revered designers in the aviation industry is ready to retake the throne. The Learjet 75 Liberty releases later this year, with much anticipation behind it.

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